Cabildo lifts BBQ ban as temperatures return to normal

Update 18 May: As Aemet predicted, the trade winds have returned today and temperatures are at last cool again and back to normal. As a result, the Tenerife Cabildo has lifted its ban on mountain activities. BBQ recreation areas are open again!

Update 2pm: The Canarian Government has ended its emergency alert for heatwave, but the Tenerife Cabildo has left in place the ban on all mountain activities, including BBQs that could present a fire risk while the extreme temperatures reduce to normal levels. The authorities say that normal service will be resumed on Monday assuming no changes between now and then.

Update 15 May: Aemet says that temperatures started to fall yesterday evening but that the heat will take a few days to evaporate, disappearing slowly between now and Monday. What will be noticed more today, however, is winds, with the met office leaving Tenerife’s yellow alert in  place for north Tenerife with winds gusting to 70km as the cooler humid trade winds blow in from the north to disperse the calima.

Update 13 May: It should start to begin to think about cooling down from tomorrow, though it will take up to Sunday for the drop in temperatures to be really noticeable, but this May has broken heat records throughout the Canaries. In Tenerife, the previous temperature for May was 35.6º in 1956, and that was exceeded earlier today with 36.2º being registered in Santa Cruz. It’s an El Niño year, they say, and that usually brings unusually hot summers – and this year, they’re forecasting a “major El Niño” … which speaks for itself …

Update 11 May: Aemet has this evening raised an orange alert for tomorrow for temperatures up to 38º in Tenerife, especially in the medianías and at altitude; the second image above shows where the temperature is expected to be highest. Temperatures are expected to start to reduce gradually from Thursday or Friday. In the meantime, please see HERE for official advice on how to stay safe in heatwaves.

Update 3pm: Following on from the Canarian government’s fire-risk alert, the Tenerife Cabildo has introduced a ban on all fires in mountain areas from 5pm tomorrow, Saturday 9 May, as a result of the high temperatures anticipated combined with low humidity. The ban relates to agricultural burnings-off and bonfires, machinery operation, fireworks, and recreation area BBQs as well as any other activities likely to pose a fire risk. The Cabildo says that the ban will remain in place until conditions return to normal levels, and asks the public to avoid forest areas in the meantime.

Update 1pm: The Canarian Government has issued a fire-risk alert because of the heatwave forecast from this weekend. The alert starts at 6am on Sunday, and apart from setting up emergency protocols, also requires the public to take maximum care to avoid causing a fire. “Let’s be careful out there” …

Original post 8 May: It’s heating up, and not just for the local elections! Aemet says that from this weekend, temperatures will rise noticeably, and there is a possibility of a calima from Monday pushing the heat up to over 30º, especially in the south and at altitude, considerably warmer than normal for early May. The mini-heatwave is expected to return temperatures to normal levels from Friday next week.

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