Minimum age to ride motorbikes rises to 15 from 14 tomorrow under criticized new law

The minimum age to ride motorbikes up to 50cc rises from 14 to 15 tomorrow. I must admit I always thought it was 15, but apparently not. The new minimum age is set by the reform, coming into force tomorrow, of the Reglamento General de Conductores, whose general provisions came into force last December.

Although youngsters of 14 will no longer be able to ride these bikes until they’re 15, they cannot, as previously, take pillion passengers until the age of 18. They must also pass both a theory test and a practical exam in a closed circuit.

The measure has been criticized by the motorcycle industry, as well as by motorcyclist associations, which have warned that if it comes to a choice of being able to ride a motorcycle of 50cc at age 15 or one of 125cc at age 16, consumers will probably opt to wait and buy a bigger bike, causing “drastic” losses to the industry. Industry insiders also quote the Greek example, where a similar measure caused an increase in accidents in new riders of larger bikes. C7

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