Minute’s silence in many areas over next few days for victim of horrendous domestic violence attack

An horrendous crime took place today. Laura González, a young mother, was sprayed with petrol by a man said to be her ex-partner and set alight. She died, perhaps mercifully very quickly, when her heart gave up. The man who killed her was himself splashed with the petrol he soaked her with and is currently in hospital with serious burns. I normally try to avoid expressing opinions on this site but I hope his suffering and pain will be greatly in excess of that of his poor victim.

This murder took place in La Palma, and my posting about it here is not gratituitous, but because there will be a minute’s silence in many municipalities over the next few days in solidarity with the fight against the pathetic and cowardly machismo culture behind so much domestic violence in these islands. Adeje’s, for example, will be at noon on Monday 13th, in front of the town hall. New Canarian president Fernando Clavijo expressed his pain, fury and impotence in the face of the killing, and promised that nothing would be conceded in the battle against the violence which women so often suffer here.

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  1. This is so sad that poor women my heart goes out to her family I do not understand how one human being could do this horrific thing to another I don’t know the circumstances behind this but she did not deserve this why couldn’t he have just let her go her separate way and him his this made me cry

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