Miracles, the pitbull survivor, in Court to see her abuser sentenced to a full year in jail

Photo: RTVC.

Although it might seem too little too late for some, for others it will be a major step forwards. A Santa Cruz dog owner who put his injured pitbull into a suitcase and threw it in a rubbish container in 2012 has been sentenced to a year in prison. The dog was heard crying by locals and rescued just half an hour before the rubbish truck arrived.

In a lovely turn of events, she herself was “summoned” to Court as witness to her own case, and to watch her abuser sentenced … and despite that sentence being less than two years, the Fiscalía requested that due to the lack of remorse shown by the defendant and the social need to pass an “exemplary” sentence, it should be served fully rather than suspended as often happens with sentences of less than two years.

Now called Milagros (Miracles), the bitch was brought to Court by her new owner, with whom she is clearly very happy, to see her old master forced to go to jail for the full twelve months. He is also banned for three years from keeping domestic animals, and subject to a payment order for the costs of the animal refuge where Milagros was cared for and treated.

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