Amarilla Golf body confirmed to be missing San Isidro mechanic as case becomes murder enquiry

Photo: Bomberos Tenerife.

Updated 21 February: There is confirmation this morning that the fingerprints of the body found in Amarilla Golf are those of 35-year old San Isidro mechanic Victor Alexis Morales Garcia. Seemingly he had had a previous run-in with the police so his fingerprints were on record. As his father feared yesterday, the location of the grim discovery, just 20m from his place of work, made the identification seem all too likely for his family to retain much hope. The case is now a murder enquiry, with police saying that the body displayed a major injury, and that their main hypothesis is that the killing was a “settling of accounts”.

Updated 20 February: Police have confirmed tonight that they have finally extricated the body found buried in Amarilla Golf. Police say that after a JCB was employed yesterday to uncover much of the material stacked over the body, today has been a painstaking exercise in careful fingertip recovery to avoid destroying any trace of evidence. An autopsy will now be performed on the body, but meanwhile DNA checks are being done with samples supplied by the father of the missing San Isidro mechanic who has been on the scene most of the day in anticipation of the recovery of the body he believes to be that of his son. The body was found just 50m from the garage in which the missing man worked as a mechanic.

Updated 19 February: Police are investigating the grim discovery of a body which was found buried some three metres deep in a building works site in Amarilla Golf yesterday. Social media was alight last evening with rumour and speculation that the remains were of 35-year old Victor Alexis Morales Garcia who was reported missing on Thursday, 8 February, but police say that although that is one hypothesis they are considering, the only confirmation they can give at present is that they were called in after locals reported a strong smell in the area, that a body was found, and that it appears to be that of a man around 35-40 years of age. More information forthcoming in due course.

Original post 11 February: Victor Alexis Morales Garcia has been missing since Thursday, 8 February, when he was last seen in San Isidro shortly before 4pm. He is a mechanic who works in the Golf del Sur, is 35 years old, 1.9m tall, and was wearing dark blue trousers and black t-shirt when he disappeared. Anyone with information is asked to call Granadilla Guardia Civil on 922 774 440, or the mobiles 642650775 / 649952957.


  1. Guardia presence around this area early this afternoon again despite seeing someone on the building site in high-vis jacket an hour earlier.

  2. Thinking of your Family at this very sad time.

  3. Condolences to his family.

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