Mobile App release from My Destination Tenerife

Travel website has launched a mobile app for holidaymakers and residents to tap into specialist local tips and keep up-to-date with what to see and do. The app is available to download from the Apple App store HERE. Key information from the website will now be available through the user-friendly mobile app along with a range of app specific features.

Author Joe Cawley says “at a click of a button a ‘near me’ option will automatically bring up information highlighting what to see and do based on the user’s location. An ‘interactive map’ makes it easy to locate nearby attractions using GPS tracking which has a compass to guide visitors to a place in both on or offline mode. The ‘trip planner’ feature will mark favourites and create personalised itineraries to plan ideal trips.”

My Destination Tenerife managing director, Chris Wood, said the launch of the mobile app meant not only more options for tourists to access up-to-date travel information, but was also a unique opportunity for businesses to promote their services. “We’re seeing a huge shift in the way people search for content. Twenty-five per cent of our audience are accessing My Destination Tenerife on tablets or smart phones, and that number’s rapidly increasing,” he said, adding that local businesses featuring on the My Destination Tenerife website will benefit from free promotion on the new mobile app.


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