MOOTOO Model Management casting call in south Tenerife to appear in a TV advert


Mootoo Model Management have made an open casting call in south Tenerife for the production of a TV advert. The casting will take place on 15 and 16 November, and they are looking for the following:

  • a 25-28 man (could be older) for a friendly “nice man” role (preferably someone already a comic or actor)
  • someone who could be an Italian pizza delivery man
  • an older man for a mobility scooter role
  • a thin young male hairdresser with a showy hairstyle (or could be made into one)
  • a mixed race man with braids for a “ghetto” type role
  • four people for a barbershop quartet (these should already know how to sing a capella)
  • an overweight woman prepared to appear in a bikini or bathing costume
  • a white woman who could be a  “mother” type of around 40
  • a white child of around 8 or 9 who will have an English-speaking role
  • a boy and girl of around 8-10 who will be making sand castles
  • several young people, male and female, of around 20 years old, for beach and volleyball roles(dancers preferred)
  • a 40-60 year old man with an interesting face
  • a very overweight 40 year old who can ride a motorbike (ideally with tattooes and goatee beard)
  • a toilet attendant (this last should be “unconventionally attractive”, between 20 and 30, and will appear quite a lot in the advert – must be able to speak English).
  • various people for roles as lifeguards, a dwarf (!), sunbathers, ball players, barman/woman, father types, passers by, etc. – many will need to be comfortable appearing in Speedo-type beachwear.

I’ve already got quite an idea of what this advert will look like! If you’re interested, please send an email to giving your name, phone number and attaching a recent photo. DO NOT APPLY TO ME.

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