More agile, and more fragile – Tráfico speed and safety controls start today to monitor motorbikes

Tráfico has announced an intensive vigilance campaign for motorbikes and mopeds. The campaign will last from today until 25 May, and will involve checkpoints to monitor helmet wearing, safety of vehicles, alcohol and drugs testing, and of course speeding.  The DGT says that to make the campaign as effective as possible, local and regional police forces will supplement Tráfico’s own Guardia Civil teams in order to monitor all types of roads.

In context, Tráfico says that in the first four months of 2014, 42 motorcyclists and 5 moped riders have died in road traffic accidents, and that although two-wheeled vehicles are more agile, they are also more fragile, which is the slogan chosen for the campaign.


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  1. I have been a motorcyclist all my life and have an excellent safety record , but I have just sold my bike and will never ride here again . Why ? Because riding here in Tenerife is dangerous and not worth the risk . Sure , there are some idiot bikers around but the problem is not with bikers generally speaking but with car drivers . They rarely signal , they barge their way out of slip roads and side streets without any consideration about who has right of way . Go on the motorway and you take your life in your hands on a bike . Tenerife’s drivers have never heard of the term ‘ braking distance ‘ , or so it seems . They pull into yours without a signal and they tailgate you . I have had drivers up my exhaust pipe 6 to 8 feet away at 120km/hr !!! My last biking episode was a lady driver pulling out of side street on the left and pulling straight across both lanes smack in front of me , even though I had my headlight on ! Luckily I was , as always , driving at a speed suitable for the location and just , just managed to stop in time – inches away . She shot off and after starting my stalled engine , I went after her and gave a real telling off . All I got was a smirk in return . The police have got it totally wrong here . Get on the motorway , prosecute all the tailgaters and cut-up merchants and slap on some heavy fines . You will make a shed load of money and contribute significantly to safety on the roads and motor cycle accident reduction in particular .

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