Morning After Pill available without prescription in Tenerife pharmacies from Monday

The morning-after pill (“la píldora del día después” or “la píldora poscoital) will be available in pharmacies without prescription from Monday. The move follows an announcement in May by the Spanish Health Minister, Trinidad Jiménez, that the pill would soon be available in pharmacies without prescription to all women regardless of age. The pill should cost around €20, and will not be covered by Social Security prescription subsidy.

The measure is intended to reduce Spain’s unwanted pregnancy and abortion figures, given that it has achieved significant reductions in countries where it is freely available, like France, Belgium, the UK, Denmark, Luxembourg, and the USA. In 2007, 112,000 abortions were carried out in Spain, over 6,000 of which were on under-18s, and 500 on under-15s. Over 4,00 babies were born to under-18 mothers.   El Dia1, El Dia2


  1. Is it ok to have an abortion in Tenerife. My partner thinks she’s 2 weeks pregnant as she as slot of stomach pains. She taken morning after pill 36 hours after inter course.
    If we have an abortion what is the cost.
    Thank you

  2. Author

    Abortion is legal in Spain, so it is legal in Tenerife. Having said that, if she took the morning after pill and did not miscarry and is now experiencing stomach pains, which are not a normal symptom of pregnancy, I would think that she needs to see a doctor urgently. If you are not registered with a doctor, you can still go to a public emergency centre, or of course see a GP privately.

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