Motorcyclist dies after bike leaves road near Vilaflor

A 40-year-old Italian motorcyclist died this morning on the TF21 above Vilaflor. Emergency services say that they were called out shortly before 10am with reports that the bike had left the road and the rider was unconscious, but sadly, the crew of the medical helicopter dispatched were only able to confirm his death at the scene.


  1. We should all feel for the devastated family, and hope this is somehow conveyed to them. But. As a two – wheeled road user for decades, i know that personal vulnerability seems to evaporate with the sense of ” freedom”. Yesterday, on the TF 47, I narrowly avoided a motor cycle failing to even slow down at a roundabout, and a cyclist with traffic behind, calmly drinking from a large plastic bottle oblivious to any danger! Phil is of course totally correct, and, the precise cause may not be known. However, i,m sure we all could improve our road sense. My own father hit a horse – drawn milk wagon in Guildford some 80 + years ago on his birthday
    and on his brand new motorbike resulting in life changing leg injuries. !

  2. Please remove Angelina’s post before the young family, 2 children under 5, of the victim see it. There is no need for speculation etc about what happened. This is a local who has died, it’s an accident, let’s leave it at that.

  3. As a resident of vilaflor, unfortunately, this us no surprise. On a daily basis we see reckless driving by bikers treating the roads as a racetrack. Our condolences go out to the family of this man.

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