Motorcyclist dies after crash outside Adeje Hipertrebol

A motorcyclist died yesterday in a crash with a car on the road to the side of the TF1 near Hipertrebol in Adeje. Emergency services say that they were called out just after half past nine with reports of the collision and that the rider was assisted at the scene by ambulance crew. While they were transferring him to Candelaria Hospital, however, his condition deterioriated rapidly and they stopped at Hospiten Sur to stabilize him. Sadly however, while there he suffered a cardiac arrest and nothing could be done to save his life.

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  1. We were on the road just past Armeñeme around that time, heading towards Adeje roundabout to join TF1, a motorcycle was so close behind us, you could hardly see him in the mirror, he overtook us crossing the solid white line, on a bend, my husband sounded his horn, got a two finger sign in response, then the motorcycle continued to pass a line of traffic, weaving in and out in a dangerous manner, then turned right onto the slip road for Hypertrebol. It might not be the same rider, but strongly suspect it was, as this was around that time.
    So sorry to hear he has died, and for his family.

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