Canaries image wins Nasa’s “earth from space” photo competition for second consecutive year!

Photo: earthobservatory, NASA
Photo: earthobservatory, NASA

Update 27 May: I’ve been asked several times how to get this photo in poster form, and it has been available from NASA’s own website. Now, though, as a Día de Canarias gift, the newspaper Canarias7 is offering a 58x37cm poster free with all Friday’s printed copies. As you can see HERE, you just have to buy a copy of Friday’s paper to get the poster.

Update 8 April: “Romped home”, NASA said. Well, that’s one way of putting it. NASA has now given the statistics: of the nearly 50,000 votes cast, our photo got around 48,000. It’s 96%, and NASA are calling it “an avalanche”. In honour of the remarkable result, and not for the first time either given last year’s victory too, NASA has produced THIS  series of pictures of the Canaries from space. Something else, these islands!

Update 7 April: It won! For the second consecutive year the Canaries have provided an image to qualify as NASA’s best earth from space image. According to NASA, the picture “romped home”! Well done to everyone who voted. We can give those clicking fingers a well deserved rest now!

Update 4 April: Today is the last day of voting. Let’s give it one final spurt … click HERE to vote.

Update 31 March: It has made the final two! Let’s vote as many times as we can to ensure the Canaries wins NASA’s photo of the year for two consecutive years ! Click HERE!

Update 24 March: It’s in the final four! Let’s get voting, people! Click HERE, and vote as many times as you can! The final two will be announced next Monday.

Update 21 March: Last day today for this week’s vote. Click HERE, and vote as many times as you can! Result of this round will be available on Monday.

Update 17 March: And the photo of the Canaries – as though ships steaming through the sea – is still in the frame. Now down to the final eight HERE, so let’s get voting, as many times as we can!

Update 10 March: Well, the photo got through the first round of voting. Now there are 16 photos left … the second round will close this coming Friday, 14 March. So, same as before: click HERE, choose your favourite out of each pair, and click the “Cast your vote” button.

Original post 6 March: Each year, NASA has a competition for the best photo of the earth from space, and in 2013, the picture below of the La Restinga eruption in El Hierro won. Indeed, when it got to the final pictures, competing against the breaking of Pine Island glacier in Antarctica, it got 91% of the vote! Now, in 2014, the Canaries are again vying for the photo of the year, with the above picture of the islands as a whole competing with 31 other photos, all of which can be seen HERE.

Votes can be cast between now and 4 April, and the first round will see the final 32 reduced to 16. and then to 8 to 4 to 2 … can the Canaries do it again? Below is last year’s winner. Above, hopefully, will be this year’s!




  1. Author

    “buy” I’m not sure, but it’s certainly downloadable, and a graphic artist would be able to print it out as a poster. If you click HERE, you should see various options to download it.

  2. Do you know if it’s possible to buy this in poster form? I have looked at the NASA website but couldn’t find anything. Thanks

  3. That’s really great news! Great finger exercise too! Well deserved and good to see our home up there again!

  4. seeing this makes you feel how amazingly tremendous is the universe and diminutively tiny these isles let alone people on them….

  5. Truly Amazing picture !!!!

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