Loro Parque baby orca dies

Update 16 June 2013: Loro Parque has sadly announced that Vicky, the baby orca born last August, has died. The cause of her sudden death is still unknown, but vets and experts are working to find out the cause. They had noticed a change of behaviour over the past few days, it seems, and brought in outside specialists, including the chief vet from Sea World in the USA. Loro Parque says it is very sad indeed to lose Vicky, just 10 months old, and a playful and intelligent animal who won the hearts of the entire Loro Parque team and the visitors who saw her during her life. 


Original post 17 August 2012: Loro Parque is delighted to announce the birth of a new orca, only the second ever born in Spain, and an indication, says the park, of the well-being of the mammals in the Parque. Mum Kohana is 10 years old and this is her second baby, who weighed in at 152 kilos after a 2-hour labour assisted by Loro Parque vets, biologists and trainers. Moments after being born, the new arrival swam instinctively to the surface to take its first breath. It is said to be strong, and very energetic, and makes everyone associated with the Parque very happy, said Miguel Díaz, chief orca trainer.



  1. This video was uploaded in 2010, so it is not of Kohana and the new calf.

  2. Author

    No, it’s her first birth. The video of Vicky’s birth is HERE. It’s not as clear as the one of Kohana’s first baby, but it’s almost identical … unsurprisingly!

  3. In the video, in your post Janet, the calf is being fed something from a bottle. Perhaps milk or maybe a medicine?

  4. Author

    Yes, clearly something from a bottle, and it’s white … but it could be anything. It’s possible they’re supplementing the mother’s milk, possible they have some form of particular colostrum, possible it’s some form of medication … just can’t tell.

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