Callao Salvaje beach finally has its parasols

The latest picture, courtesy of Clio O'Flynn, of Callao Salvaje beach looking a picture
The latest picture, courtesy of Clio O’Flynn, of Callao Salvaje beach looking a picture

Update 8 July 2013: It always takes a while here, but it always looks lovely when it’s finally finished! Here’s Callao Salvaje beach, complete with parasols … and a lifeguard there too!

Update 11 November 2012: Adeje councillor for Obras y Servicios, Gonzalo Delgado Díaz, has announced that at last the Canarian Government has given authorization for the first phase of the coastal walkway between Callao Salvaje and Playa Paraíso. The works will be put out to tender in the next few weeks, and the Ayuntamiento hopes that they will start before the new year. The first phase has a budget of €600,000 and should take around six months to complete the 700m stretch.

Update 27 August: The Servicio Provincial de Costas in Santa Cruz has now handed over the whole beach project to Adeje Ayuntamiento. The beach is now fully Adeje’s responsibility, and along with taking over the cleaning and security, the Ayuntamiento can now at last put the kiosk and sunbed and umbrella services out to tender. Concejal de Urbanismo y Gestión del Territorio, José María Álvarez Acosta, said that Adeje would work as quickly as possible so that the facilities would be available to the public. Details of the requirements for applicants in the tender will be published in the Boletín Oficial de la Provincia de Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Update 29 June: I thought some might enjoy seeing the latest of the beach, in full use now, and looking beautiful. The above photo is courtesy of Nova, whose lovely website is HERE. Enjoy.

Update 18 May 6pm: Here are a couple of photos courtesy of John of The Tenerife Forum of the beach today, with the crowds gathered for the opening ceremony, and of the pristine beach looking down towards the new jetty. A marvellous day for Callao Salvaje.

Update 18 May:   At last it’s open. The new beach, Playa de Ajabo, will be formally opened at midday by local and regional officials, including Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga. Some aspects of the project, like the licence for the kiosk, are still to be completed, but at last, Callao Salvaje has the beach for which it has been waiting decades.

Update 13 April:  The  mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, said today that Playa de Ajabo, Callao Salvaje’s new beach, will be open to the public within a month, and that the Ayuntamiento is already putting out to tender bids to run the kiosk, sunbeds and umbrellas.

Update 4 April: The works on the new beach will be finished a few days after Easter, Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga said today in a visit to the area, confirming that they will be formally concluded by tourism councillor Rafael Dolado. The beach and surrounding landscaping has cost around €1.2 million, fully funded by the Department of the Environment.

All the photos from previous posts during the works are in the original thread HERE.


  1. HI janet what has happened to secret tenerife mag ?

  2. hi i have been looking at the pictures of the new callao-salvaje beach,do you have any up to date pictures and an idea ,when it will be finished .as myself and my partner are going to stay in callao-salvaje for 3 months from next march 2012.many thanks peter long.

  3. Author

    I’m afraid nothing happened in August, at all. It’s holiday period here for the workers so it was all quiet, and they haven’t really got going again yet from September’s return to work apart from a few minor details.

    The piles of sand are still there, and I would think the likeliest explanation is that they are actually nearly finished. They will probably level the sand last of all when all the other details are in place, so as to stop people trying to use it until the surround is finished.

    I think they’re probably still on, just about, to get finished in October, though I’m not certain it will be until middle to end October.

  4. Author

    I don’t have any. If the resident who takes the photos I’ve posted gives me more then I will post them.

  5. Well, we cannot believe it is really coming to fruition. This area has been on the cards for many years, it will be wonderful to have the beach available and new bars/shops. Sadly, we will not be going to Callao next year, first time in 12 years, but look forward to seeing it when we return in 2013.

  6. Thanks for showing updates of the beach as it is being developed …gives us hope..!!! I was beginning to think it would never happen.

  7. I hav been to Tenerife many times but never to CALLAO SALVAJE the absence of a beach was off putting. Now I will definately be going next year when I know the beach has been completed.

  8. Is the beach already open, maybe a part of it?
    we’re coming to Callao Salvaje in feb 2012.

    Are there new pictures??

  9. Author

    If I had new photos I would have posted them, of course. Very little happens over Christmas, and the papers are already talking about Carnaval, which starts in a fortnight. They are saying the beach will be finished in April or May, in time for this summer.

    The next time it is possible I’ll post photos, and of course, also if the beach is finished early. If you hear nothing, you can safely assume I have no updates to post.

  10. super super, por fin una playa

  11. This place is the dog capital of the world.and has all the features that go with this .
    A beach will just be another area to foul.
    The whole place is disgusting and something need to be done

  12. Janet, thanks for doing the impressive photos on your site, i can see how the beach is coming along back here in uk, thanks again

  13. Author

    You are more than welcome, but I must insist that the credit goes to the photographer! All I did was post photos that John Hoar from Callao Salvaje took, and posted on The Tenerife Forum. Thanks for the thanks though!

  14. So grateful to you Janet for all the info you have published about ‘The Beach’. Am looking forward to sampling the ‘product’ in May.
    Again, very many thanks. Keep at it.

  15. Author

    Thanks Ken, glad you found it helpful.

  16. I’m planning a vacation in Tenerife in April-May. Do you know if the beach will be ready? Maybe I’ll book a hotel in Callao Salvaje..

  17. Author

    Maybe. It looks almost finished, and they are saying it will be completed by the end of this month. I’m not sure I’d take the risk with April if my holiday depended on it, though.

  18. What a wonderful asset! It looks amazing, love the landscaping, quality job well done. Visited for one very enjoyable holiday in the past (and agree re dog excrement, had a nasty & painful accident in some, hope by-laws will be upheld, will be checking first before returning for a holiday in the village, ahate to think ll that money spent would be blighted by some anti-social/lazy dog owners). Look forward to visiting for look-see in May whilst on holiday on Tenerife elsewhere.

  19. Author

    Hopefully at some point Adeje will really clamp down as Granadilla has just done (don’t know if you saw my post HERE the other day).

  20. We have just returned home from 6 weeks in Callao Salvaje..Had a great time but argree with the comment about the dog fouling…its everywhere..something needs to be done

  21. Wow – Latest pics (15th March) show that it looks nearly ready!!!! Maybe, just maybe it’ll be done for us arriving in July (fingers crossed!!)

  22. It must be finished by now……..surely!!!! Any updates janet?

  23. I spent two weeks in Callao Salvaje in Feb/March this year and only saw one incident of dog fouling. I can only assume that there was an outbreak of canine constipation during my stay

  24. Author

    Depends where you stayed of course. I’ve lived there and seen it daily. It is outrageous. And nothing has improved in the time since I lived there because I walked around the barranco and clifftop only the other day and had to dodge the left-behind mess as much as ever. There are other parts of the town, though, where it really isn’t that visible and would give the impression that there wasn’t a wider problem.

  25. I am contemplating 4 weeks stay at the Albatros Apartments in January 2013 . Feedback welcomed. Assuming the new beach is open by then will the sea warm enough to swim in ( a subjective question I realise )? Are there publicly available heated pools?

  26. Author

    I hope some others answer your question because although I know where the apartments are, I don’t know anything about them. They look fine from the outside, and they’re in the centre of the village. The sea is nearly always cool in Callao Salvaje and there has always been a serious undertow, though with the new beach and jetty it is possible this has been addressed. There is a lido open to the public (I believe) in Callao Salvaje, but I don’t know if the water is heated.

  27. I believe the Albatros Apartments are owned by the Danish Hotel, so possibly the hotel pool can be used. If the Lido you refer to is the one at the bottom of Sueno Azul, it has been closed for a couple of years.

  28. Normally guest at the Albatros apartments, can use the facilities at Atlantic Holiday center just acros the street. Athe apartments is looking a little old/used. But for a 1 * (or is it 2 ?) the apartments is more than fine.

    Me myself looks forward to stay at Albatros Apartments 4 weeks in Dec/Jan.

  29. Would like photos of apartments and beach at Callao Salvaje

  30. Author

    which apartments do you mean? The photos of the beach are linked to at the bottom of the post above.

  31. Wij komen op 2 Juni voor een maand naar Callao . Hopelijk is het strand dan af ?
    Groetjes Chris en Johan

  32. Dear Janet

    Thank you for all your updates.
    I was in Callao Salvaje for the past month, and it is super that people can now use the beach.
    Do you know if a car-park is planned?

    Kind regards


  33. Author

    There is more to be done there, yes, including the coastal path, and as far as previous plans showed, a car park is part of the development still to come.

  34. its still a public beach and you do not have to pay to sit on the sand.but it would have been a lot nicer with white sand ..and can you still go fishing of the rocks ?

  35. Author

    yes, there are several mayors now in various areas who object to this type of “sand”, but it’s still better than the boulders that were there previously. As to fishing, I don’t think you can, but many do … indeed an increasing number depend on it to supplement their weekly shop.

  36. Shade provided from the parasols was definitely needed …looks nice.
    I noticed the beach bar looked ready to open when I last visited just before Christmas…. they were preparing the tables and chairs. Assume it is up and running? Any dates for the start of the coastal path? That will make a difference.
    Thanks for keeping us up to speed Janet.

  37. The kiosk has been open for just over a month, and Sunbeds are now available. Lifeguard also on duty.

  38. We visited callao a couple of years ago when they had started the work, we loved the town, could someone tell me what the ‘sand’ is like, Is it ok to walk on as I have read it is like walking on grit!! I have a 7 year old niece who loves to build sandcastles and run around on the beach.

  39. Author

    Yes, it’s OK to walk on. It’s not soft sand, and some find it a bit sharp – and hot – to walk on barefoot, but it is perfectly safe.

  40. Myself and my family will be visiting Callao this Summer, could yo utell me if it is possible to fish from the jetty during evening time?



  41. Author

    I don’t see why not, though technically one should have a licence to do so.

  42. I have had feedback from the council that the footpath will be completed shortly although the work does not seem to have started.

    At present this is an issue as there have been several accidents in the area due to people trying to use the coastal route between Callao and Paraiso and in doing so are trying to cross the barranca and injuring themselves in doing so. Any further info from anyone on the construction of the pathway would be greatly appreciated. Once complete the pathway will be a great asset to the area

  43. Hi, I am going to visit the place from 10-24 August 2014.
    We booked hotel Blue Sea Callao Garden by TUI.
    I have a question: ids it possible to swim in the sea, descend to the sea is comfortable, do we need a shoes ? My children are 10 & 15 They love swimming in the sea.

    During two weeks I hope we will find soem attractions – thanks for any proposals.


  44. Author

    Yes, it’s easy to get down to the beach and the sea, and it’s perfectly possible to swim in the sea, but in Callao Salvaje where you’ll be staying there is a particularly strong undertow so great care is needed. Please have a read HERE as well. As to shoes, it’s quite pebbly, so it’s not a bad idea!

  45. Author

    Does anyone know if the beach bar/restaurant at Callao Salvaje beach is open in the evenings?

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