Newborn baby’s body found in Arico rubbish

Update 4 September: DNA test results have confirmed that the woman detained is the biological mother of the baby. The woman has been remanded in custody since she was detained last week and  will now face murder charges.

Update 29 August: The Guardia Civil has arrested a 42-year-old woman who is known to have given birth recently but who had no baby. DNA tests will be taken to confirm if the infant found at Arico was her child. The arrest, which took place last night, comes after police identified the as yet unconfirmed area in which to focus their search for the mother and cross-checked with local medical centres for pregnant women.

Update 28 August 6pm: The autopsy has confirmed that the baby was alive when he was born, and died only a few hours after birth. This is in line with what the police already thought. The body will remain in the forensic institute while further tests are carried out to try to clarify the point at which he died, and the cause of death.

Update 28 August: There is no more actual information this morning about this case, but there is slightly more detail. The police investigation is now focusing on trying to find the baby’s mother. Police say that the body of the infant – who is a white boy thought to have been no more than a few hours old – is in the forensic institute where an autopsy is to be carried out. Unlike the case a month ago of the baby in the La Camella freezer, the Guardia Civil is not ruling out the possibility of a crime, though they stress that there were no obvious signs of violence on the poor little body.

Meanwhile, Arico rubbish dump is checking the origin of the section of rubbish being sorted in which the baby was found. They hope to be able to identify an actual location in which to continue their investigation. Staff and management at the plant are shocked and tight-lipped, but say the baby was found in a “receptacle” that seemed strange to the workers separating the rubbish, so they opened it. At first they thought it was a doll, but then realized it was a real baby. Police were called immediately they saw what they had uncovered.

Original post 27 August:  Dreadful news now coming out that employees of Vertresa responsible for separating rubbish at the Arico dump have found the body of a newborn baby among the rubbish. There is no further information at present, but I’m sure there will be more in due course. For the moment, the Guardia Civil’s Policía Judicial have taken charge of the investigation.

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