New legislation will see fines of up to €15,000 in Canaries for maltreatment of animals

Adeje has already got its own plans for a refuge in the Barranco de las Torres area in hand. This is where Lidl, Mercadona, etc are. There is a budget of more than €191.000 for the works, with the planned refuge covering 362 square metres and having a capacity for around 70 abandoned and stray animals, as well as administrative and veterinary areas.  El Dia

Original post 19 January: Madrid has set in motion a new law which will greatly increase animal protection in Spain, and bring the Canaries into line with the legislation in several other autonomous regions. Animal Defence organization El Refugio has confirmed that the Government, in accordance with electoral promises, will shortly introduce fines of up to €15,025 in the Canaries for maltreatment of animals, bringing the region into line with Madrid, the Balearics, Extremadura, the Basque country, Galicia and La Rioja. Only Valencia, Cataluña and Aragón have larger fines, of up to €18,000, €20,000 and €150,000 respectively.

As part of the new measures, it is also expected that local authorities will be prohibited from putting down animals which have been abandoned, and the sale of animals in pet shops will be banned.

El Refugio has worked tirelessly to bring this improved legislation to fruition. It is a non-profit non-governmental organization which relies entirely on public donations. Its website is HEREEl Dia


  1. I am a tourist on Tenerife for the first time. Today I did a walk with my partner from Vilaflor to Paisaje Lunar returning toVilaflor. Passing the farm called Casa Galindo on our way back, we were met by a dog. The dog was extremely skinny, it’s bones sticking out. It looked very fatique and had obviously been starving over a long period of time. It’s behaviour was of one that had been badly treated. In England I would report the animal to the RSPCA. But I do not know the equivalent in Tenerife. Could you please help? The Police station in Vilaflor was closed when we tried to report this abuse. The poor animal cannot have long to live so I need your urgent help. Brian Jones.

  2. Author

    This is tragically an all too familiar image, and there is little here akin to the RSPCA. The best recourse might be to report it (issue a denuncia) to SEPRONA: this is a Guardia Civil unit whose area is the environment and animals. Seprona can be called free by dialling 062.

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