New cayuco with 167 on board arrives at Los Cristianos

Updated 8pm, 26/10: Four occupants of this craft, which is now said to have contained 56 minors, have been transferred to hospital in the south but none are said to be in serious condition.   

I think I will start a new thread with the next arrival, and then update the one post with future arrivals. I can then post in it the increasingly tense discussion between the islands and the mainland, and the EU to some extent, about where these people are to be housed and processed. Thank you for your input.

Original post 26 October: A new cayuco with 167 on board was spotted earlier today some 15km south of Palm Mar and has now arrived under its own steam at Los Cristianos harbour, escorted by Coastguard and Guardia Civil craft. The occupants are being attended by health personnel, and no doubt there will be more details shortly but they are likely to be housed in south Tenerife while their asylum claims are processed.

So, please can I ask what readers’ general views are on my posting about these boats. Do you want to know? Would you prefer not to know? Would you prefer one thread like the covid figures thread or individual posts when there’s an arrival specifically in Tenerife? Please do let me know your views … they are really important to me in deciding things like this. I would be grateful on this occasion if you could restrict comments to this question … other posts have enough “views” on them and I’m asking as a genuine enquiry what readers actually want to see.


  1. You site is very informative and update and I congratulate your on your diligent work.I am not a resident but a very frequent visitor and I contribute to the economy of Southern Tenerife and have done so for 25 years to the tune of many thousands of euros. The thousands who arrive illegally have little impact on me. However, I have discussed the impact at length with local residents/restaurant owners etc in recent weeks. They are extremely alarmed at the detrimental impact on the island’s economy and the fact that the new arrivals are an economic drain on the Island which is facing a crisis for the foreseeable future. I’m not sure you reflect any of those concerns in your posts yet you seem to support / encourage the arrivals.

    1. Author

      It is sad if you equate sympathy for the desperate with encouragement. I would encourage no-one to make such a perilous journey, and would encourage Governments to try to ensure it was not necessary. No-one denies the economic issues but they themselves are dwarfed right now by the logistical problems of where to house these people. In reporting, however, I try not to post anything that will trigger and inflame tensions so I don’t talk up the problems, nor however, do I try to conceal feelings that arise naturally from absolute basic humanity.

  2. Please continue with all news Janet including about the ‘boats of hope’. It is very helpful for us who have limited Spanish to be able to read about items which affect us living here. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thank you Janet and Mary (I’m sure you’ll be on the quayside in your PPE very soon) for your humanitarian views. Good luck in changing the religious, political and despotic governments around the World and saving all those in such desperate situations. It is the other Governments of the world, the UN etc who need to do their bit. I, despite your comments and Mary calling me unpleasant and prejudice do what I can but I was only commenting, as Snowbird said, on the overall damage to the economy of Tenerife and other Canary Islands.

    1. Author

      And there are more things in the world than an economy … if Teide erupted, for example, would you be complaining that it was damaging tourism or would you accept it as a natural catastrophic event that was far more significant than a season’s visitor numbers? This is on that level, a global tide of humanity. We need to get used to it, and we do not need to be quayside, in PPE or otherwise, because thankfully there are plenty of humane volunteers working with Cruz Roja and Protección Civil alongside the official medical and security personnel. Not being personally involved doesn’t acquit one of the need for basic humanity, in my opinion at least.

  4. I think the two particular posts were actually about the potentially serious impact on the tourist contribution to the economy, (if the daily arrival of boats continues), which is after all the main economic driver for the island. The posters were not complaining about an inability to take holidays at an individual level. You just had to walk around the Southern holiday areas over the last few weeks to see how devastated they are without the normal numbers of tourists.

  5. Bravo Janet on your reply about tourists being put off by migrants. For heaven’s sake where is the humanity? Please keep letting us know about these poor people, but in whatever form is easier for YOU. Personally, I am interested in the welfare of these people on arrival. I have never been a fan of “sanitising” news at any time. Sure, people might be upset or even scared, but shoving it under the carpet is never a good thing. If people don’t want to know what’s going on, why are they reading your website? Unfortunately, there will always be some people who take advantage of this site to post unpleasant and unacceptable prejudices , which i am sure must be a bind for you but please keep going, doing what you are doing.

  6. Please keep reporting in whatever format is easiest for you. Trusted information is priceless.

  7. With the quarantine being lifted in UK for those returning from holidays in Canaries the flights should be filling up and plenty of tourists in resorts. Unfortunately the numbers of immigrants landing daily and reportedly being held locally rather than transferred to mainland Spain is not good news and will put people off coming. Not what is needed for the local economy really is it?

    1. Author

      well it isn’t actually a tourism issue, is it? I don’t see that we can blame the desperate for having an effect on a rich EU country’s tourism figures, and it’s pretty understandable that holidaymakers’ desires aren’t foremost in the minds of those fleeing war, despotic regimes, extreme poverty and hopelessness. If people are put off by that then perhaps they might reflect on all that is going right in their own lives rather than preferring the utterly abject to stay in their hellholes so as not to disturb someone’s vacation.

  8. Janet I am fully in favour of you reporting what you know and urge you to continue your current format.
    You are the most trusted source of information to us the general public and we need to know what is going on in the island. Please continue with your sterling work.

  9. Please keep informing us as you are presently doing.Not reporting the facts is putting it under the carpet. It is happening andis very concerning. How is this island going to cope with the constant influx? Where is the money going to come from to process and house these immigrants and where are they going to be accommodated? The travel corridors in place now are a great incentive for people to holiday in The Canaries now and I imagine come Christmas time all hotels and accommodation will hopefully be at capacity. Which will be a much needed lift for the economy.
    Yes we feel sorry for these boats of hope but Spain has to respond to this problem.It is obviously becoming enormous here.

  10. You are a trusted source of information and this fact alone helps to counteract and disprove the ‘rumour mill’ that is inevitably created in situations such as this. Please continue.

  11. Please keep posting either in a separate thread or daily updates, I come to you for reliable information, saves sifting through the other sites. Many thanks for your website

  12. I think it is something we should be kept abreast of despite being a topic which can attract divisive comments. I would leave it to your judgement as to how you think it best to present the information.

  13. My view is that what people don’t know, won’t bother them. As we’ve seen, irrational and downright racist comments have been flying around recently, including to you as we know. So I would suggest, in the current climate of fear and dismay, it might be better for them not to see and hear about these poor souls?
    The problem with “specifics” is humans are not programmed to deal with them. “167 arrive in Los Christianos” worries them far more than “We’ve had a few arrivals this week/month/whatever”……. yes/no?

  14. I agree, a single updated post is possibly the most logical.

  15. I would prefer that you keep posting some detail, whether on one thread or separately whichever is easier for you. The numbers are escalating. I find it difficult to believe that migrants are being housed in residential apartment complexes in the local area without other residents’ approval, as has been reported on your site by others.

  16. Personally like the way you are reporting things daily. My vote is to keep it how it is

  17. Keep posting please. I think it must be easier for you to update a thread along the lines of the Covid one.

  18. A single post with updates like the covid one makes sense to me.

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