New cookies law ….

Some of you may have noticed a new message about “cookies” when coming onto this blog over the last 24 hours, and a new little symbol in the top right of the page. This is because EU law now requires websites to ask permission before “cookies” are used – there’s more info HERE if anyone is interested in reading about it. Virtually all websites use them, mainly (I think) to remember what a visitor has seen or done on the site before, and in my own case, since it’s a WordPress blog, the software uses them without any instruction from me anyway. I myself have added a counter facility to tell me how many people are looking in, what they’re interested in, etc.

There’s nothing sinister at all in any of this, so I guarantee you that in respect of this blog, you have absolutely nothing to fear in clicking yes to the options. You can ignore the request, of course, which affects me a tiny bit, and might make the blog less easily readable for you, but will have no effect other than this. It’s the EU that makes me even have to post this! Thanks for reading, and ignore or click yes as you please … but at least in the knowledge that you are safe either way.


  1. Interesting…..I´ve clicked ´ok´…

  2. I’ve checked the boxes to accept all cookies and clicked ok. Silly law!

  3. No bit to click to say i want jam on mine well i clicked it anyway. David

  4. Author

    I’m slacking there, David … jam next time then!

  5. Clicked as well !

  6. I clicked on them all and also got details of, I am presuming, David Dicks apt in Cristian Sur?? Also getting details of Nova’s web site ??
    Something not quite right. It happens when I click on their comments. How can I stop this, can anybody help?

  7. Janet
    You are also using persistant cookies to hold the Name and email address of past posters so they don’t have to keep typing them every time they post. These don’t fit into any of the 3 categories in the “permissions” box.

  8. Author

    Catherine, you’re clicking on the names in the Readers Recent Comments box on the right. That’s not what I was referring to. I meant the very top right corner of the page.

    IP, yes, that seems to be a WP function, whereas the cookie notice, as required by EU law, is a straightforward plug-in. I’ll look into that, thank you.

  9. Author

    IP, a quick word back from my friendly expert, saying that under EU law, websites must inform visitors about presence and function of cookies used (I need to ask my designer/host about that because some are just WP cookies that I have no idea about!) … but only need to ask permission for cookies other than those required for the correct function of the website. Persistent cookies are tracking cookies, it seems, which is one of the options listed, and which people can refuse to allow.

    This is all new to me, but for the moment, I hope I’m covered. There are some who say I don’t need to do this anyway because the law only applies to “businesses”, but I’m not inclined to take a chance. This is a first step for me to comply with a law which might in fact apply to me. Bear with me!

  10. Hi again, yes I did click the boxes on the very right top corner and then when I clicked on the names in the Readers recent comments box it took me to their web site. This morning it has stopped doing that so it seems to have corrected itself…hopefully!

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