A change of direction for In Tenerife

17 December: I’m not sure who’ll remember this post but I’m updating to remind readers that In Tenerife is a news and information website, not a help desk, nor an information desk, nor a fact-checking service for what is read in other papers, nor an individualized holiday and travel advice centre, nor a talking shop for “does anyone know” type of questions. There is a place for that, it’s Facebook, or TripAdvisor. Not this website. I will not be sitting here all day failing to read the BOC because of an avalanche of such questions …. and it is only 10am. All such idiocy is being deleted. I will post my news when I have something to say. If it conflicts with your other media of choice, as I’ve said before, it is for YOU to interpret, and for YOU to decide whom you prefer to read, and for YOU to make up your mind as to the reality. Not me. 

Thank you.

30 November: People, thank you so much! It means lots, above all that I was right to consider this a kind of community of really quite serious readers, a community where we all love this place and for whom it’s usually more than just a quick holiday each year then to be forgotten. Please don’t feel there is a danger the website won’t continue. Yesterday’s expression of my feelings was an intention to reclaim the site for myself, and I hoped, for you too. And you’ve taken my breath away, a bit, by such responses, so I’m glad it’s reclaimed for you too. I’ll close it to comments now but … thank you.

29 November: It won’t come as a great surprise to some, I imagine, that I’ve been under rather an avalanche lately. It has comprised a landslide of questions about covid testing above all, which means that it overwhelmingly comprises those who are visiting Tenerife, not “In Tenerife”. Readers who have genuine interests in and questions about life here have disappeared, equally despairing no doubt of the absolute takeover by holidaymakers intent on travel regardless of anything, their own desires all important and negating completely any regard for safety requirements, their “need” for a holiday imperative and overshadowing any resident’s need to feel safe.

The overriding gist is how to get here without a test, how to “get round” the requirements, or to find out how rigidly or not they’ll be policed and enforced, the cost of €100 or so per test apparently being too much to add onto the cost of a holiday. That’s understood, it’s a lot of money, but are we therefore supposed to believe that these people will save tourism in Tenerife? When the test is too expensive? And the same goes for the 90/180 day rule for Swallows: “how do I get around it” is the question 90% of the time, the exceptionalist assumption being that rules apply to others, not them. 

I’ve hit the buffers, I’m afraid. I can’t carry on in the face of such selfishness, stupidity, and arrogance, nor with the entitlement of those whose reaction to being given a link with full information is to return with a yes but what about my specific question … a question that has been answered in the link which their second email shows they have no intention whatsoever of reading. The fact that they become abusive when asked simply to read the information already provided and then additionally linked to in an email that should have been unnecessary, demonstrates fully their sense of entitlement to free, personalised, and tailored answers. Only today I’ve been asked by someone who is so determined to come and so incapable of concern for anyone else that they demand “advice please” as to how to source a test in the UK despite impossible timings as though I can be commanded to produce solutions against law, sense and sanity to help the selfish find a way around a law intended for their, and my, safety.

That is not what this site was intended as and dealing with what are now thousands of enquiries in the last fortnight from people whose only concern is that they should not have to read anything means I have no time to do what the site requires anyway. As Mencey has said, this cannot continue, and although these times pass as they have with other tourist takeovers such as when Monarch and Thomas Cook went bust, I’m afraid I’ve come to the end of the road in dealing with it. This site will be changing back to a personal blog, and I will not approve any further comments nor respond to emails asking how to get around coming without a test, or how those who voted for Brexit get around the 90 day rule they voted for and which will now restrict their own movement and cost them their freedom to visit this wonderful place without restriction.

I value my life, and my worth, above such contemptuous abuse as I’ve experienced over the past several years, in fact, and hope that regular and serious readers will still follow my posts on things that interest me.



  1. Listen, the world is on fire. And all you care about is going on holiday in this fire. Seriously? Nothing else to do? Stay at home. No worries.

  2. P…… Up in a brewery comes to mind.

    Whether you think it is sensible to travel at the moment or not, there are tens of thousands of people across Europe at the moment who do not know whether their bookings to Tenerife are OK, have been cancelled, will be cancelled. Its not just the Brits who are totally confused, I have been on a few other national sites about Tenerife and the comments are highly critical. When the clarification eventually comes I imagine non residents with their own properties in Tenerife will still be confused.

  3. I wanted to reiterate what has already been said about appreciating your effort to try to interpret guidance for everyone.
    I booked our holiday back in January before any mention of a pandemic. I have now made the decision to change arrangement till next Christmas. I cannot deal with all the uncertainty and lack of clarity from our holiday firm and the British Government.

  4. The Canarian Goverment is certainly doing itself no favours with these constant declarations and contradictions. It’s making the UK Govt look almost competent at the moment!

  5. Author

    It is absolutely unbelievable how people in charge in Tenerife can manage to issue a directive which simultaneously limits entry into Tenerife to those with quite specific reasons (tourism not one of them) and then imply in the same statement, that tourists can come anyway. The tourist board has jumped on that and claimed that nothing has changed for tourists. All this fuss before the actual written entry in the BOC has appeared. It is beyond belief that people actually get paid for creating such confusion through their incompetence. It leaves Janet in an unenviable position of trying to make sense out of something nonsensical, at the same time as being inundated with queries from the “confused”. The irony is that it has little to do with actually living “In Tenerife”, and not really what this site is about.

  6. Janet,
    to preserve your sanity; switch off all reply possibilities, take a break from your blog, switch off and enjoy Christmas and the New Year.
    Maintain your sanity and composure whilst the world around you collapses in chaos.
    Good luck

  7. I cannot express enougth how I and many others appreciate your hard work Janet. Your worth your weight in gold.

    So glad to have you here. Now time for you to enjoy a nice long cool G&T. 🥂🥂🥂👍


  8. Hi Janet. Just a quick email to say how much we have appreciated all the work you have done on your site.
    We have found it very informative. Sad that selfish inconsiderate people spoil the good things .
    We were due to come to Tenerife on the 4th for a fortnight and then return on 8th January.
    We have now cancelled our first trip and keep our fingers crossed for January..

  9. Dear Janet, we do not live in Tenerife but have visited every year for the last 27 years. I always visit your site for up to date information and I cannot for the life of me understand why you are asked these questions when your posts fully give the information required and links to get further information if needed.
    We aren’t sure if we will visit this Christmas but if we decide to we are more than happy to get tested to keep everyone safe. We voted to stay in Europe too.
    Take care and stay safe

  10. Sorry to hear this news Janet .
    Your info is second to none you r provided an amazing service.

  11. ive seen them ‘for the attention of Janet, how am i supposed, can you answer this question, how do you justify this….’ as if this is all Janets doing. I dont know how you have withstood this torrent for so long. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. It may seem as if the world is against you at times but for every negative and demanding comment made by the selfish crowd, there are many many more of us that read with interest and take on board your advice. You dont hear from us because it is not our intent to heckle you, but to take on board that you are imparting to us information that we may struggle to obtain or understand from elsewhere. Thank you for everything and for being the one place where we know we can read the facts.

  12. Thank you Janet. I have found the information on your website extremely useful for more than 5 years now. The pandemic will pass but no doubt there will be new challenges ahead. You are best placed to know which ones to tackle and which to ignore. I have always admired the fact that you refuse to get involved with hearsay, steadfastly keeping to fact not fiction. We will continue to appreciate the time and goodwill that you bring to this.

  13. Janet – hardly a surprise to those of us who have benefited, supported ( morally), contributed ( very occassionally) – and been amazed at your tenacity / careful accuracy. However. Modern media has created the types you have described who hide behind digital disguise and ” demand ” rights they see as entitled. – they are used to Google for anything theyre unsure about so stop thinking.
    I would though add – as i wrote some days ago – irrespective of the reasons for travel – it is extremely difficult to get hard facts on procedures , costs, availability, for testing. The airlines deny knowledge/ responsibility – the airport info worse than useless, hotels at airport the same. Two groups of people i know are due between 9 th and 11 December have real need to visit for various reasons. 3 are doing home testing with digital results others at new Gatwick facility and others at Heathrow Terminal 5. Still no excuse to treat you and your platform other than with gracious respect. -thank you.

  14. God bless you Janet. Thanks for all the help and advice over the years. Will miss for support.

  15. We love your energy, your content and your drive. You are a trusted source of valuable information and we love your site. You are a fantastic filter of essential news and reference points. Please appreciate there are so many people – the silent majority – who feel as we do and please don’t be disheartened.
    I guess you’ve become a victim of your own success as the noisy minority try to treat you as the BBC, FCO, CNN, Fox News, the Canarian and Spanish Government (every department) and Police commissioner all rolled into one.
    You are our first and primary Go-to on the Island as to relevant news and key official information so please please please don’t abandon us!!

  16. Janet, I’m sure your regular and serious readers, will understand that your decision would not have been arrived at without a great deal of thought. But it also proves to me that the abuse you have endured over the years means, your MBE was not merely awarded. It was thoroughly Earned.

  17. Dear Janet

    I have been a silent reader for a long time and over the last weeks I wondered how you are able to cope with these comments.

    I am very sorry. Please look after yourself and get your strength back.

    It is a real shame and as the Spanish would say it has to do with a “falta de respecto” and a “falta de educacion”.

    With my best wishes.

  18. I’m so sorry, but not in the slightest bit surprised, that you have had to deal with so many selfish people. This Pandemic has shown that many people are incapable and/or unwilling to think of anybody but themselves. I have seen all too many examples of this kind of mindset on the Tenerife Facebook groups, I empathise with your frustrations.

    Since before we moved to the in 2016, your blog has been an invaluable source of information and entertainment. I have lost count of the number of times you have helped me, and then I have been able to help others using the information and advice you give.
    I’ve said it many times before but am more than happy to say again, thank you for all you do for the people In Tenerife.

  19. Although swallows we have always followed the adage “When in Rome” If these selfish “me me me” people don’t want to abide by a system that keeps everyone safe and respects and protects the rights of residents and the visitors who enjoy Tenerife and who obey the rules, then they should stay in their own self centred back yard.
    Tenerife is a better place without them, and we were deeply upset that you should have abuse from these kind of self interested people who through their actions undermine the informative and hard work you do and have done for so long.
    However the people who appreciate your efforts will always be there to support you so please keep up the good work and ignore these Trolls
    Chris & Sue

  20. I’m not surprised. Some of the comments on your site and Facebook pages only mirror the stupidity of those who voted for Brexit. Look forward to listening to your comments on the radio blog.

  21. Janet, you have done a sterling job all these years and you certainly do not deserve abuse like this, in fact I cannot believe how selfish and foolhardy those people can be. All I can say is that I hope they do not come to Tenerife at all, ever again – thereby leaving the rest of us safe to get on with our daily lives in a sensible and grown up manner.

  22. I have lived in Tenerife for 10 years and followed you before the move and for all the years I have been resident.
    Your information and help has always been second to none. It will be good to get back to normal.
    Thank you for all you do you are much appreciated.

  23. It is very sad that this informative site may cease to exist. I have read it avidly every day for many years. I can understand how frustrating it must be for you of late. I have worked for the Citizens Advice Bureau and know that no matter how clearly something is written a lot of people need it explained to them from their perspective.
    However, I am pleased that holiday makers still want to visit, as so many Spanish and other nationalities rely on them and the snowbirds for a living.
    The Brits have always gone to countries that are not members of the EU for holidays and have owned holiday homes in Turkey and the US, so I am sure they will continue to come to the Canary Islands. They may have to change their habits to cope with the new rules.
    Stay safe and well everyone.

  24. We love you Janet, we will support you in anything you do… thank you from the bottom of our hearts Christine & Tim

  25. What a great shame this incredible and free service has been put in jeopardy by the selfish and uncaring mainly once a year visitors. I do hope Janet you will rise above all of this and continue to provide your excellent service for the people that care about these islands.

  26. I am one of the many who have wondered how you coped with all the demanding, stupid and often downright rude comments and requests, which I agree have caused general irritation to your genuine readers as well as to you.
    Well done Janet for everything you have done and said. May you continue to be the best source of info for residents and be appreciated for it.!


  27. Oh Janet! How exhausting, dispiriting and downright upsetting for you. Ignorance and selfishness seem in abundant supply recently. Your intelligent and helpful site has long been our “ go to “ place for information as residents of Tenerife. We completely understand your position. We recommend you find Taylor Swift’s song Shake It Off and put it on a loop and dance and sing along with its highly appropriate sentiment. The chickens will love it! Keep writing your blog, Janet. We’d be lost without you. Jill and Bob

  28. Please continue your good work do not give in to the minority of selfish and delusional and very ignorant people😄😄😎

  29. Thank you for the good work about a Tenerife.
    You have a lot of sympathy among the Dutch residence.
    Take care. Tino

  30. It’s a shame it’s come to this but I completely understand your reasons.
    I always shared your features on the Facebook group I run here on Tenerife as they were always informative and, above all, the truth!!
    Thank you 🙂

  31. Very upset that you have had such problems with such selfish people. Have only been reading your most informative page this year and have really appreciated it. Really hope you will continue, as a resident I find it very interesting.

  32. I have never left a comment on here before but have been a regular visitor to your site as i used to live in Tenerife. I thank you for all the time you spend providing information for people who really care about the island. Its a shame that people that only visit the island, say once a year for cheap beer and sunshine want to find a way around obtaining a test and put the safety of the residents and other sensible holidaymakers at risk. I was also ashamed when the UK decided to leave Europe, and in my opinion the vote was probably decided by the older generation. Maybe now as it starts to change the way they live/travel they will realise what they have done. They have caused alot of trouble for future generations.

  33. Great job Janet, I love your informative page.. I can’t believe it’s taken you that long to say the above… i get frustrated looking at the comments..
    keep up the good work about a fabulous island.. take care , best wishes , Fee

  34. Thank you for all your hard work
    Must be very hard on you
    Same same ,questions
    God bless you

  35. Thank you for everything Janet and I fully agree with your decision. I have been horrified by many of the comments of these past months and can only wonder at the content of your inbox. I would not have been so patient!

    I look forward to continuing to read the very valuable news you provide to all of us

  36. I sympathise Janet and fully support your decision, You have provided me with much valued advice over the years via this page and via personal email: it is very ungortuate that the idiots ( some bigots into the bargain) have driven you to this decision.

  37. Thanks Janet for all of your hard work. I have had a house on La Gomera for the last 15 years and have been a ‘quiet’ follower of your very informative site about Tenerife and life in general in the Canary Islands. I can happily live without the, mainly ill-informed, recent increased barrage of commentary and questions and shall look forward to a continuation of your informative blog……..

  38. Thank you Janet for all of the information that you post, it was invaluable when we came on holiday and ended up in the lockdown. We followed your advice and were kept well informed. The pandemic has turned people into being unable to think or make any decisions themselves, I know as I work in infection control in a hospital! I totally get where you are coming from, it can break you, it has almost done the same to me and my colleagues. People need to stop being so lazy and research themselves. Please carry on and take care.

  39. I can’t say I’m astonished that only now, mere days from their departure from our union, the Brexitish people have only just begun to understand how much damage they have done to themselves.
    “We’re British! They’ll come crawling to our door for our money!”.
    Only now do they begin to see that it is THEY who are crawling on their knees to the EU for permission to live their old life where travel and trade were easy thanks to their membership of this great club.
    Unfortunately for you, you are the decent and accurate bringer of the bad tidings they don’t want. The truths you utter are a thorn in their side. No doubt that since it is you who translate those truths, it is also you who must “pay for them” in the abuse you get. It was ever thus.
    Although I am not “In Tenerife” but “In GC”, your news and views about our archipelago DO very much interest me and I for one will continue to follow and, hopefully, continue to comment and offer opinion and counter-opinion too.
    Please do continue to bring forth the news! Especially that which interests us all HERE.

  40. Thank you for all your advice, what a world we live in with all these 1st world problems only concerning ourselves and not others.

  41. Thank you for all your hard work and info

  42. Janet, yes I understand you and I had that feeling for a long time. Asking for the known way and only focusing on your own problems. I was in Tenerife for a short time this month because of seriously ill family and therefore followed your site well and found it very disturbing all those questions about the same . Hope you will continue, it is very appreciated!

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