New Facebook group for English-speaking Presidents of communities in south Tenerife

My own mailbag, as well as many comments and questions on this website, show that there’s a significant need for an information resource for property owners who find themselves as President in their community in Tenerife. For some, it’s a case of battling vested interests in their community, for others it’s a problem with an administrator or local authority: all are looking for independent and factual information, accurate advice and meaningful support.

And now they have it in the form of a closed Facebook group for community Presidents set up by one President of a community in south Tenerife, Una Campbell. The group itself is called “Community Presidents informal discussion group, Tenerife Sur”, and is HERE. Anyone who would like any information about it can contact Una herself by emai to


  1. Thanks for putting this new closed group out there.
    It is a group for Presidents of Communities, so on requesting to join the group you will be asked to answer some questions before being added.
    This is to try and ensure it remains a place where Presidents can discuss things pertaining to their own Communities with their equals in other communities in friendly and informative exchange of viewpoints.

  2. Sorry, me again. Re Group for Presidents of Communities In Tenerife Sur.
    This group is, as it says, for Presidents of Communities ( we will allow Vice-presidents with their Presidents approval) but that is it. No ex Presidents, Committee members, people with a grievance with their presidents. Or people you feel they have an expertise that the group really needs. I hold the right to invite people who will bring an overall benefit to the group from their knowledge and experience,
    Sorry but the line has to be drawn somewhere and primarily, the group is for Presidents of communities.

  3. Anything which assists in the basic agreed aims of a community must be welcomed. 30 + years of property management ( from small residential blocks with mainly fixed income residents) to major shopping centres – one never stopped learning but one main lesson predominated – COMMUNICATION .

    So many of the posts on this valuable site reveal that in some communities there are a favoured few who for one reason or other who are informed – e.g” the pool is being emptied” or, a large tree is suddenly, noisily, and quite dangerously, being cut down 2 metres from MY bedroom. !!

    Whether through ignorance, lack of control ( of contractors) or hesitation in decision making i know not but it takes no time in the digital/ internet world to keep those who pay the bills informed – especially on practical matters – this would resolve much of the angst felt by owners .

  4. Interesting comment RJ Little – our complex introduced a quarterly newsletter by eMail to inform & open communications with our owners ,
    It was criticised for sending an email to an owner who had given his eMail to Admin but not “officialy” to the Newsletter Group !
    Sometimes you can’t win – the previous President tried to block the Newsletter because he didn’t agree with or control the content !
    We now send it via Admin to everyone on list in 4 languages !

  5. John. Already this has opened eyes in other communities which may not be as enlightened / enlightening as yours. Do you get feedback or reaction to the content. ? – A once yearly strictly controlled meeting often called with inadequate notice for those overseas – is simply not sufficient considering the very substantial investment owners have made.

  6. It would be wonderful to have something like quarterly newsletters within communities. However someone has to spend time producing them. The role of President is unpaid and Committee members also work on a voluntary basis. If residents demand newsletters etc, I suggest they should be prepared to compensate those for the time spent in producing them. The main communication forum is the AGM and in the case of our complex less than 20 % of residents attend. It is usually the same attendees.

  7. Fully understand Snowbird. – but there is often a notice – board ” work contracted for this month” would be simple. And a start. – apart from the committee ( 4/5) others would willingly assist if asked ( or kept informed) Incidentally and maybe unnusually, our President is paid – !This and admin/ profesionales independientes total approx 10% of community costs in our case. ” mushroom management” comes to mind.

  8. We have as a new committee agreed to publish frequent newsletters in various languages and have been taking email responses , not always in agreement but at least useful feedback , We are fortunate to have several people willing to get involved in re-invigorating our community to some extent. There are several issues to sort out but we’ll never please everyone !
    The main issue is going to be allowing the President & Committe to make executive decisions rather than continuously consulting awaiting feedback on everything !

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