New Fonsalía port to be put out to tender at end 2011, with plans for view from June 2010

In response to a parliamentary question, the Minister of Public Works and Transport, Juan Ramón Hernández, has announced that the works for the new port at Fonsalía in Guía de Isora will be put out to tender at the end of 2011, finances permitting. Sr Hernández said that the project is already drawn up and the environmental impact study carried out, together with prior consultations. All the documentation wil be put into the public domain at the end of June this year.

The new port will require the creation of a floating platform in the form of an “island” of 15.5 hectares to house basic commercial, sports and fishing services, with the platform connected to the coast by a 220 metre bridge with four traffic lanes and pavements to the sides. Julio Cruz, socialist, said that the Fonsalía port was fundamental and very important for the Canaries and for Tenerife, especially since the port of Los Cristianos was paralyzed by sea traffic, and that the new port will be a vital point of communications and logistics for the four western islands which form the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.  C24H

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