Sanidad reminds patients they have just three weeks left to collect their new health cards from their surgeries

Sanidad reminds patients they have just three weeks left to collect their new health cards from their surgeries

Updated 11 September 2018: Canarian Health Service Sanidad has reminded all patients that they have little time left now to collect their new tarjeta sanitaria from their surgeries – these are the local health centres in which they are registered with the state health system as patients. All new cards should be with their holders by 5 October, with nearly 1.5m patients out of almost 2m having already collected theirs. If you’re one of the last half a million who has not, you have just over three weeks now.

Original post 19 December 2017: The Canarian Government’s Health Department, Sanidad, has distributed two million new health cards to surgeries for collection from today by patients of the state health system. The new tarjeta sanitaria should be with all patients by October next year, announced Health Minister José Manuel Baltar,.

Patients will collect their new cards in the administrative areas of the local surgeries in which they are registered, with their entitlement and access to medical and pharmaceutical services being unaffected. The cards will contain the personal identification data and identification code assigned to each patient, along with a security code and a bar code with the conversion of the autonomous CIP code.

Likewise, a reference number of the type CSV (Card Security Value) that appears on the bank cards will be used, which is a unique six-digit number for each card and which only appears physically in it. This number is something additional that serves to protect the owners and ensures that they have in their possession the correct card at the time of performing any action with it.

Sanidad says that presently at least 25% of health service users have a paper document rather than a physical health card. This is equally valid when recording their membership number, but it generates problems in terms of pharmaceutical use or when a patient travels to another Autonomous Community.



  1. Thanks for that, Janet. Can we assume that everyone’s card will be there from today as 2 million must cover all the qualifying population. Just a bit baffling when they say it will take until next October to complete the process. Anyway, I will pop in over the next few days and report back on any problems (got the awful paper one at the moment).

  2. Author

    no, someone has just said that they’ve checked in their local surgery and it will be next week. As far as the Government is concerned, they’re available from today, but usual caveats apply!

  3. This distribution of cards has been rubbish. We went to the consultorio two months ago and I got my card. They told my wife that hers was not available but the Gad asked Sanidad for a machine so the could make the missing cards in the consultorio. After numerous visits still no sign of the card or the machine. A friend whose husband is undergoing a course of treatment told us on Sunday that when they visited El Mojon the Friday before that the hospital asked for her husbands old paper card as the new cards did not contain vital information like the NIE.

  4. Author

    well I can’t comment on that specifically, of course, but I have to say ours were ready and waiting for us at the surgery, and have been used perfectly in El Mojón, with no problem nor any request for any old or additional paperwork. I’d say, indeed, that I found the new system with the automatic card-reading machine in El Mojón to be a huge improvement.

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