New information page for letting a property in Tenerife

There is now a new page, “Letting a property in Tenerife”, which is a straightforward guide to the several ways that are legally available to owners to rent out their properties. It runs as a complementary page to the Renting in Tenerife page which is more concerned with the practicalities and rights of tenants and landlords.

Both pages are in the Property & Living section, and can be accessed through the tabs above. The direct links are:

Letting a property in Tenerife

Renting a property in Tenerife

I hope between the two pages they cover and explain clearly most cases; they would certainly have answered the majority of questions I’ve received over the past week or so. I hope you find this useful.


  1. Thanks Janet – a very clear and concise summary! I assume you will be happy for me to use this for friends and clients who ask for clarification?

    Kind regards


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