New motoring offence rules passed by Spanish Parliament

The Spanish Parliament has approved legislation today reforming traffic offences measures. Under the new law, the system of notifications will be simplified and streamlined, losses of points reduced, and prompt payment discounts increased to 50%. From now on, motoring offenders will only receive one notification in place of the current three, and in the case of legal entities, this will be sent by email only.

The amounts of fines for non-speeding offences will be simplified: 100€ for minor infractions, 200€ for serious, and €500 for the most grave, though these can be increased by a further 30% in cases considered especially dangerous. Speeding fines will be calculated on the basis of the number of kilometres by which the speed limit has been exceeded.

Drivers will no longer lose points for stopping in a bus lane, and a vehicle parked without a ticket in a restricted-parking blue bay will no longer be towed away by a grua, though it will certainly be subject to a fine. Cars parked in disabled bays, however, will not just be fined, but will also risk being towed away. Fines will be able to be paid on the spot by credit card, and all monies raised through such sanctions will be assigned to road security policies. One further change that might mean the most to expatriate drivers is that it will no longer be obligatory to carry all documentation in a car.  Canarias7

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