New national Government law to “roll out the red carpet” for businesses in Spain

As part of its planned new law to “roll out the red carpet for entrepreneurs”, the national government will extend the list of those businesses which do not need a municipal opening licence. According to the Plan Nacional de Reformas, sent to the EU by Spain this last week, from the point at which the law is approved in May, undertakers, recreational businesses, and driving schools will not need an opening licence. Those already exempt include textile manufacturers, the paper and printing industry, jewelery makers, shoe repair workshops, watches and photographic businesses, art restorers, bicycle or car rental establishments, educational establishments and libraries, and recreational and cultural services.

In addition, the existing limit for space under which a licence is not required, i.e. 300 square metres, is to be increased to 500 square meters. A new subject, “entrepreneurship”, will also be introduced into the school curriculum, to create interest and expertise from a young age. A new format of Sociedad Limitada de Formación Sucesiva (SLFS) will be introduced, with no minimum capital investment requirement, and there is a possibility that the procedures for setting up limited companies will be streamlined, and the introduction of entrepreneurial service points in electronic and physical form where all necessary business arrangements can be conducted in one place.

Various simplified fiscal measures will also be introduced, and I’ll post a link to the new law as soon as it’s on the statute book, expected to be later this month.


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