New Open Air Cinema in South Tenerife

Updated 15 June: Sadly this hasn’t worked, at least at this venue. The organizers say that “it’s not been easy for us to attract as many people, (especially tourists) as we would like to our cinema – mostly due to our location, so we can not continue at this location anymore. We have to be closer and visible to the tourists. By saying that we would like to anounce a public search for a better place for the open air cinema, we are open for colaboration with bars or hotels or any other easy access and public area.” Watch this space, as they say!

Original post 20 April: As from 22 April, the newly opened Open Air Cinema Tenerife in the Costa Adeje will be showing films outdoors … and headsets will allow the audience to listen in a range of languages including English. The first film, this Friday, will be Dirty Dancing, and future screenings and other information can be found on the Open Air Cinema’s website HERE, or the Facebook page HERE, It’s all set on the big terrace of the Magma Conference Centre, so parking’s easily available, and it’s right next to the bus station. Organizers say that the “programme will be a mixture of older and newer films, although you can place your comments on our facebook or website which movies you would like to see”.


  1. Author

    As I understand it, yes … providing Russian is one of the languages on offer. All the organizers assure me is that films will be available in at least English and Spanish, and other languages will be available as well. The point though is that whatever languages a screening is being offered in, the film will be able to be watched simultaneously by people hearing different language versions.

  2. so an English person, could take a Russian person, and they would both be able to understand the film in their own language.

  3. Good to know ..and the advantage is people of different nationality can go at the same time to watch and listen in there own language. .

  4. Author

    If you click on the link to the website you will see the prices, and be able to buy tickets … the first show costs €9.99.

  5. Wow… classic cinema. I liove it. Wonder how much that would cost! haha

  6. Author

    yes, well, you need to speak to the organizers, not me! And you contact them through their website, or their Facebook page, not this website, which is mine and unconnected with theirs …

  7. I would like to see “El Doctor Zivago” (1965) Directed by David Lean. With Omar Sharif, Julie Christie, Geraldine Chaplin, Rod Steiger.

    Please advice for when!!!!!!

    Always a fantastic film!!!!

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