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Update 28 March: I won’t update this post again unless for exceptional reasons, but wanted to direct readers once again to the new page (HERE in the Useful Stuff tab at the top). I’ve updated it again today with a new job – Ashotel are advertising for a chief of kitchen.  Please keep looking at that page if you’re looking for work. I’ll update it every time I see a job advertised in this sort of source.

Original post 27 March: Following the response I’ve received to yesterday’s post on the  professions that will be most in demand in the economic crisis, I decided to create a new page listing available jobs that British people could apply for but which they might not otherwise be aware of. You can find the page under Useful Stuff in the top tabs. I hope it helps, and of course, if any employers here are reading this and want to list jobs, please just give me the details and I’ll post them freely and gladly provided they are genuine contracted jobs.


  1. Hi!! I am grateful I found you! Just wondering if it is only for British community.. I thank you in advance for your kind reply! @mariaspain04
    All The Best #Tenerife 🙂

  2. Author

    Hello Maria, no it’s not just for the British community at all. You are most welcome.

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