New page added for private long-term lets available and wanted

I have set up a new page for long-term lets available and wanted. It’s under the Useful Stuff tab at the top, direct link is HERE. As I say on that page, I¬†occasionally get emails from people looking for long-term tenants for their properties, and more frequently from people seeking long-term lets. I am more than happy for people to use this page to advertise any private long-term lets available, or for those who are seeking accommodation.

You can post your property/what you’re looking for either as a comment or, if you have photos, email them to me at and I’ll add them. You are welcome to provide your own contact details or, if you prefer not to have them publicly displayed, to email them to me for forwarding to the enquirer/provider.

I would also ask if you could let me know if any post has become redundant because a property has been let, or because you’ve found what you were looking for. I can then remove the posts to make it clear that what is shown is actually still available/needed.

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