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I’ve set up a new section for personal recommendations. There are directories and online fora to find businesses and services in Tenerife, but the idea of the new section is slightly different. It’s not a discussion section, and it’s not a place for dispute or negative reviews – it’s just for readers to pass on their own personal recommendation of something that has been very positive.

Evidently, different people will have different reactions, but if enough people have something good to say about a particular thing then something right is happening. I won’t have negative posts here because, apart from any possible libel, it seems that they can so often be made by competitors or those seeking to cause damage. I would like this to be a resource where people can find those businesses or individuals that at least some people have considered good enough to warrant a post here.

So, positive posts only, and hopefully the section will grow into something really quite useful. I’ll put subpages in for further categories as and when they become necessary, but will start with “Medical Related” because I can post my recommendation of Optica Downes to get the whole thing started. If you go to the Personal Recommendations tab under Useful Stuff you’ll see the subheading to click on. Please do try to be concise … ideally just a couple of lines rather than a “review” as it’s usually understood. Put a post either on the main personal recommendations page or on a relevant subpage and I’ll move it up to the main body of the page.


  1. Hi, looks like I am first here.

    I just spent the weekend at Refugio Plantacion close to Adeje and I had a fabulous time relaxing in the peace and quiet, with beautiful scenery and at the same time in the middle of 10,000 or more Banana trees. Highly recommend it for so many different things.

    Also should mention a fantastic host – Sandi

  2. I would like to recommend to anyone staying in the golf del sur area a little place called Volcanic Island. nest to the Aberdeen steak house it is a family run restaurant freshly made food and home made deserts great value for a snack or full menu
    and with lager only 1 euro a pint till 6pm what else could one wish for. really friendly we had some wonderful times in there a great place to meet friends for a drink.

  3. Author

    Thanks Anthony … we now have a “Places to stay” subheading too! HERE

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