New political party to stand in local elections to represent English-speaking community in south Tenerife

A new party will be standing against the traditional ones in the local elections which we can all vote in next month if we are on the padrón and census of our local Ayuntamiento. Alongside the PSOE, PP, Podemos, Coalición Canaria et al, the new party is Movimiento Del Pueblo, and its representative Colette Barton says that her role in it is to become the voice for the English-speaking residents since the party’s president Juan Hernández believes that many English-speaking residents are never heard and feel that their vote does not count when it is actually very important. The new party will be standing in the elections primarily for Arona but also Adeje and Granadilla.

When and why was Movimiento Del Pueblo born?
The idea was born one year ago, but became a reality in October 2018 when the party was established. It is a transition from the Social Partnership ‘Movimiento para el Pueblo’ and has been very clear to us that nice words give no solutions and demands to improve the Island fell on deaf ears. We decided that the time is now to act ourselves.

What are your principle demands to improve the islanders quality of life?
 Heatlth – Hospitals in the North and South are a priority to improve facilities and the availability of care without the necessity to travel to help the elderly and young families.
 Housing – To improve the amount of social housing in touristic areas for workers as the political power has only focused on tourism and have forgotten the basic need for housing.
 Small Businesses – Policies need to change to help lifelong family businesses to survive as they are disappearing from our Island due to more support given to larger companies ie. Hotels with all inclusive packages and shopping centres.
 Traffic – Horrendous traffic jams on our highways and local roads continue which gives commuters chaos. As well as lack of parking in towns and touristic areas needs to be resolved.
 Education – We need more involvement in the younger generations education in order to avoid social exclusion and achieve a better integration to working life.

Has the lack of solutions been the reason why ‘Movimiento del Pueblo’ became a political party?
Of course! The citizens are tired of listening to the same lies every 4 years during election time. Our party is looking to regenerate the politics in this Island, we have no political colour, we only work for political transparency and to serve the people and the needs of the Island. Movimiento del Pueblo does not receive any subsides from the State, Companies, or Banks, we wish
not to receive them either. We believe that all parties must lower their ego and their salaries – it should be an honour being a politician in this Island not a business.

Colette says “We are not going to change the world, but our objective is to the improve the Island where we live.”


  1. Key thing, what makes your party different from any of the others – the stated aims appear to be the same.
    How can one become an activist/party memebr?

  2. You are right, a lot of the party aims do seem to be the same but for years the same parties are elected with not much changes so why not allow a new party the opportunity to take the lead?
    If you would like further information to become an activist/party member please refer to our website;
    Thank you.

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