New “Residential property owners group”

Update 5 December: Just to clarify … there has been much talk on this site over recent months, if not years, from owners of residential properties who do not want holiday letting (which is illegal) to take place on their complexes. This group is for them – “residential property owners who are opposed to touristic lettings” – not for those who are engaged in tourism activities, nor who want to find out how to charge “friends and family”, or who object to the restrictions on touristic activity by residential property owners. All these readers already have an “illegal letting discussion page” HERE. This new group is in response to various requests from those – once again, this is “residential property owners who are opposed to touristic lettings” – who have asked for somewhere private to discuss their concerns. I apologise that I failed to make this obvious last evening.

Original post 4 December: Several owners of residential properties have expressed interest in being able to talk to each other about concerns, issues, problems, legality, etc., with respect to Canarian legislation regarding illegal lettings. I have now set up a Residential Property Owners Group HERE under the Legal Matters tab. It is password protected for privacy and the assurance that matters can be discussed confidentially.

If anyone is interested, just email me ( and I will give them the password – for obvious reasons, please also state in the email the general nature of interest in joining the group.


  1. Hi. It is over 10 years since we bought I property on Lanzarote thinking we would not have any problems as it was on a residential complex. How wrong we were, how naive. I am pleased to be able join with like minded people to discuss these problems.

  2. Whilst your Protected page is welcome and popular for the Residential Owners , it does seemed to have swamped out other comments on other threads that were accessible on RHS of your Blog Janet – anything can be done to separate the two ?

  3. Author

    You are welcome, and I have plans to ensure that it is kept private with minimal inconvenience to genuine password holders.

  4. Looking at the responses on the Protected page I think this is actually what the law abiding owners need, a private page where they can communicate without fear of harassment in their own complexes. I think that prospect may have been holding some owners back. Thank you very much Janet. I think things will gather momentum now ?

  5. Hi Janet, i am interested in letting out on a residential complex, do you have a specific page I can go to and find out the rules and regulations on it regards Andy

    1. Author

      Yes, they are HERE. Links to the laws themselves are on my Links page, and the list of posts I’ve made over the past five years and more concerning letting legislation is HERE.

  6. I want to join the new group.

    1. Author

      Great, so as above, “If anyone is interested, just email me ( and I will give them the password.” I’m doing this by email in order to keep control of it.

  7. Thanks for setting up this page!

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