New Spanish PM names Cabinet of Equals with many women and very appropriate appointments

The new Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez has drawn up his cabinet, and the key appointments result in a cabinet of equals, and of appropriate skills. The main department heads are:

  • Treasury – Nadia Calviño: economist who was director general for budget at the European Commission
  • Foreign Office – Josep Borrell: former president of the European Parliament
  • Home Office – Fernando Grande-Marlaska Gómez: Professor of Law and judicial career culminating in presidency of Spanish High Court
  • Health and social welfare – Carmen Montón: medically trained, involved with creating same-sex marriage legislation under Zapatero
  • Employment – Magdalena Valerio: previous regional employment minster
  • Education – Isabel Celaá: previous regional education minister
  • Justice – Dolores Delgado: prosecutor specialising in cases against jihadist terrorism
  • Regions – Meritxell Batet: Catalan politican and professor of constitutional law
  • Environment – Teresa Ribera: global climate change negotiator
  • Science – Pedro Duque: aeronautical engineer and European Space Agency astronaut

So many appropriate appointments, so many pro-EU ministers, so many women …

Socialists in Spain have always been at the forefront of equality and progress.

The full list of appointees and their backgrounds is HERE.

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