New survey shows British tourists the worst of all nationalities … and they know it!

A news story jumped out at me today … about how bad the Spanish are at leaving tips, but how bad we are at everything else! Canarias24Horas has THIS story of how the reputation of Brits abroad has never been something they can be proud of, but that a new survey by flights company has revealed that out of ten nationalities surveyed, we are the worst type of tourist.

Among the “crimes” for which we head the tables in almost all categories are not trying to learn the language, not trying local food and drink, and being drunk and disorderly. The only categories in which we did not come first are being rude (which the Russians won with Germans second and Americans third), and leaving poor tips (which the Spanish won).

The best at learning the languages of the countries they’re visiting were the Scandinavian tourists, the most polite were the Japanese, the most open to trying new foods and drinks were the Australians, and the best tippers were the Americans, perhaps because it’s pretty much compulsory in the USA to do so.

What makes this survey somewhat surprising is that far from being attacked by other nationalities, it is the British themselves who decry their fellow tourists’ behaviour. It seems we are either very bad, or we think we are … or we think our compatriots are!

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