New Tenerife-inspired novel, A Volcanic Race, now available

I’m sure that those who like Tenerife-based or -inspired books will be pleased to learn about this new volume by former Tenerife resident Liz Young. It’s the first of a five-book series called Living Rock, and the book itself is called A Volcanic Race. As the description says:

The human body consists of at least 60% water and a few minerals – the average rockman’s body contains more minerals – a lot more. Volcanoes are the source of minerals and, as the people of A Volcanic Race are created inside the earth itself, to ensure the survival of their kind they must venture perilously close to the red-hot lava-flow of a live volcano.

Young Tom wakes up from his long winter Sleep to discover he has psychic powers, but his own mother’s jealousy seems likely to prevent him developing his gift. Fortunately for Tom, his small clan of rockmen embarks on a long journey which gives him the opportunity to break free from her influence.

But many dangers lie between the clan and their goal. What begins as an exciting adventure develops into a perilous race to save their own lives – and that of the baby they hope to claim as theirs.

It’s available as a kindle book or a paperback from Amazon HERE.

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