Night at the museum …

Photos: Tenerife Cabildo.

Real life copies art this Friday and Saturday night, 2 and 3 March, as the series of Night at the Museum films is brought alive by the Casa Lercaro in La Laguna. This is the History and Anthropogy museum of the Museos de Tenerife group, and it’s a fascinating and beautiful building, tracing Tenerife’s human, cultural, technical and scientific past, all in the surroundings of an old manor house which was the original home of an Italian banker who contributed to the financing of the Spanish conquest of the island.

The museum evening starts at 9pm, and includes a guided tour of the old centre of this beautiful town, a UNESCO world heritage centre, and of the museum itself after its doors close to the public. The Cabildo says that it will bring the city to life, its old entrepreneurs, those living in religious orders, wealthy corsairs, famous intellectuals and financiers both devout and worldly.

The Cabildo hopes that the initiative will bring this wonderful place closer to the public through a range of activities and events in the company of specialist guides. There is more information on or by phone from 922 825 949/43. Entry costs €9.

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