No more minimum service in Arona as council locks lifeguards out of station and changes locks

Update 16 January: I just wanted to bring this post back up with the good news that one of my readers has got the Foreign Office to reinstate the warning about Arona beaches. The FO’s travel warning about the lifeguards had been removed, and Mandy contacted them to complain that it should still be listed. She has just posted below that the FO has replied to say that the warning was removed in error and that it has now been reinstated. Well done to Mandy for taking the initiative, and well done to the foreign office for reinstating the warning, and confirming to all travellers that Arona beaches are dangerous because they have no lifeguards. The travel advice page in question is HERE, and the Arona lifeguards issue is the top warning.

Update 14 January: The story is today in Diario de Avisos, with the paper reporting the council trying to employ “emergency lifeguards” while the process to award the contract for the service is still undergoing. As the paper says, Arona’s environment councillor, Antonio Sosa, has announced that the council is looking to contract two or three lifeguards for a few months. Let’s just repeat that. The council is looking to contract two or three lifeguards …

This is the council that said it had nothing to do with contracting lifeguards or beach services, that it was completely illegal to pay the existing lifeguards their back pay because the council never employed lifeguards, and that a new contractor had to be in place before the council could employ lifeguards …

So there you have it. There’s a job going working for Arona Ayuntamiento as a lifeguard. Any takers? This is farce. Except no-one’s laughing.

Original post 13 January: Arona has locked the lifeguards out of their base station and changed the locks so that they cannot get access to what minimal vital equipment and supplies they have been utilising whilst providing minimum services. They are now no longer able even to comply with the legal requirement to provide those services, which means that Arona has made it impossible for them to maintain their right to outstanding wages.

Above are a couple of photos: the first is of the locks being changed, and the second is of the policía local accompanying the locksmisths, which confirms the lifeguards’ assertion that this was a council operation. I do not wish misfortune on anyone but I hope that if anyone drowns in Arona they will take the strongest legal action against the council. Criminal neglicence might do it …



  1. So the council has got some authorities on the lifeguards station what a badly run council it is I do hope the big chief’s come unstuck because they deserve to

  2. What a terrible situation. I do hope there is publicity about this in the English press.

  3. I don’t know how Arona continue to get away with this. It is a criminal offence. We now avoid Las Vistas and use the new beach in Callao Salvaje – lifesavers present, excellent restaurant, showers and clean toilets.

  4. It’s a disgrace I was stung by a fish last year and if it wasn’t for the life guards I would have suffered a lot more than I did .how the council can get away with this is beyond me .

  5. Janet after seeing the comment on here (or your Facebook Page?) about the Foreign Office removing the information about no lifeguard cover off its web site I emailed them and complained that it should still be listed. I know it’s not going to make any difference to the situation but thought you’d like to see their reply:
    FCO travel – travel advice from the Foreign Office
    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It is indeed correct that the strike affecting lifeguard services in the area of Arona, South Tenerifeis ongoing. The advice was removed in error and has been reinstated: take extra care if there are no life-guards, flags or signs on beaches. Our full travel advice for Spain is found here:

  6. Author

    Fantastic Mandy, well done, and thank you!

  7. Janet I didn’t actually expect them to answer as the web site doesn’t have a proper contact us, more of a if you are having problems with the web site so I used that form instead. Shows someone does actually read the submissions!

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