Noah Syndrome dogs rescued from San Isidro finca as Granadilla Ayuntamiento asks for donations to feed them

Granadilla Ayuntamiento says that the borough’s local police intervened a few days ago in a case of Noah Syndrome, a variant of Diogenes Syndrome where the hoarder collects animals rather than things. In this instance, the council says, a woman lived alone in a San Isidro finca with some 130 jam/packed dogs in appalling conditions. Police had assistance from the Asociación Brigada Animalista de Tenerife, which is now in possession of the animals, and the council says that donations of any sort, especially dog food, will be welcomed. These can be handed in at Hospivet Sur in Las Chafiras, Peluquería Canina Simba in La Matanza, and Tienda Cuatro Patas in La Laguna.

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  1. Very distressing , but the dogs are out now so lets all do our bit. We will be dropping food and bedding off to Hospivet tmoro.

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