None hurt in Los Cristianos fire this lunchtime

Photos: Aropol.

Emergency services and public authorities say that an explosion in a junction box is the likely cause of a fire around midday today in the garages of Cristianos II, the building housing the Carolina supermarket and Universal Properties in C/. Los Playeros (formerly C/. General Franco) in Los Cristianos. Some members of the public describe loud bangs in quick succession but there is no confirmation at present as to the actual cause. Emergency services say that no-one was seriously affected by the incident, though two people were treated for shock. Throughout the afternoon there was considerable disruption to the town’s traffic, as firemen, ambulances, Policía Nacional, Guardia Civil and Policía Local were all involved in dealing with the incident.


  1. Its also fantastic to hear nobody was hurt in such a serious fire.

  2. Thankyou for keeping us informed. We are renting an apartment in the top floor of the building we are still there. it was very scary as me and my mum have breathing disorders. Luckily we were out when the fire started or we may well have ended up in hospital we returned back into the apartment in pure darkness and had to use torches. When we were allowed to return we really struggled breathing in the stairways and were still having breathing problems. Even this morning we were scared to use the lift but it was better for us to use it. It does still have a strong odour and does make us still cough phlem. However i have to give credit to the apartment landlord who brought us lamps and emergency services were fantastic along with the electricians who worked very hard to have electric restored to the block by 9pm. Very scary but well handled by everybody who assisted.

  3. I know from experience Janet that your sources are excellent and would like to thank Jimmy for giving you the opportunity to demonstrate how good they are ?

  4. …explosion …lunchtime?!? Well, for the first it happened 9am at the morning, and it wasn’t an explosion, just a fire. From what sources do you get your information?!?

    1. Author

      Emergency services control room, San Miguel Bomberos, Arona Policia Local, and Arona Ayuntamiento.

  5. We passed the area this evening and whole area is in darkness – petrol station and shops closed and people hanging out of apartments talking to adjoining neighbours.

    Some activity was happening with high power lighting being setup to presumably assist with work to reconnect the power. Road and walkways open.

  6. Thank you for all your informations and news – now and in the past. Great job!

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