Guía de Isora’s 5-star luxury hotels

Update 18 December 2014: It’s been some seven years in the pipeline, but Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento is today ecstatic after the 5* Villa de Erques hotel project has been unblocked. The hotel, which will be just inside the municipality’s boundary near the Marazul complex, will supplement Guia de Isora’s exclusive 5* hotel market, complementing the Abama and Melía hotels which straddle Playa San Juan and Alcalá respectively.

National private investors have now committed to the purchase of the plot of some 165,000 square metres for the construction of the luxury hotel which will offer 744 places. The council’s tourism minister, Héctor Gómez, said that it had been his lifetime’s dream and that the council’s planning was already in place for the development. There would still be some administrative work to do, he said, but this dream was now going to be a reality. Excellent news for a municipality which is becoming known as a conference, spa and gastronomy area without equal in Tenerife.

Update 6 January 2011: Guía de Isora has now approved the construction of two luxury hotels on the Playa de San Juan coast. The approval was given on Tuesday 4 January in the first Junta Local de Gobierno of 2011, The first procedural stage will last several months while authorizations are acquired from the various public administrations involved, including the Tenerife Cabildo and the Canarian Government. This is some years away yet, but it is at last underway.  DA

Original post 19 July 2010: The Ayuntamiento of Guía de Isora is planning another luxury hotel to the side of the Abama. The architect is to be British multi-award winner Norman Foster and the owner is the Bahía del Duque group. The new hotel will be constructed in Los Maguenes and will incorporate, like the Abama, a golf course and villas.

Guía de Isora is gradually converting itself into one of the leading touristic areas of Tenerife. There is still a long way to go, but the idea is clear: a commitment to luxury hotels and villas to improve the environment around the developments and create stable employment in the sector.

Guía de Isora already counts with two five star hotels. The Abama, of course, in Playa San Juan and the Meliá Palacio de Isora in Alcalá. The Plan General to consolidate the municipality’s touristic development was approved at the end of last year.

Further luxury tourist accommodation is also planned for the area, including additional villas for Abama, and there are to be developments in Cueva del Polvo, near Playa de la Arena, and on the Costa San Juan.

Finally, a project which had stalled for a luxury hotel – the Villa de Erques – is now under new ownership and is expected to go ahead.

The mayor of Guía de Isora, Pedro Manuel Martín Domínguez, said that the future of the borough was not in apartments, because there were other tourist areas catering for that market. Guía is going very much up-market, with developments of luxury and quality, and in a co-ordinated style that will benefit everyone. DA


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    This is quite an old post but things are moving again…

  2. Well, at least with luxury developments we can hope that the tourists stay locked inside their splendid touristic (my god I love how that word is always translated, but hardly ever used in real life!) places and leave us lesser mortals in peace to enjoy the island.

  3. What does ‘already counts with two five star hotels’ mean? I count with my fingers occasionally! ‘Gradually converting itself into’?? … Bizarre wording.

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