Despair as North Tenerife hotel occupancy figures run at only 50%

North Tenerife’s hoteliers are in despair at the region’s worst touristic performance in recent years. July’s figures are devastating, with occupancy at 53.63%, a drop of 9.62% from July 2008. Ashotel’s north Tenerife Vice President, Juan Antonio Rosado, raised the alarm, expressing a worry that has now become the norm in the hotel sector. “The situation is not good, and we are extremely concerned with the tendency seen in July in places like Puerto de la Cruz”, said Sr Rosado.

It is precisely this premier resort in the Canaries where the worst occupancy figures are being seen. Apartment occupation is also down 16.61%, which suggests to Ashotel that the problem is not with traditional hotel accommodation but with the resort itself. According to the organization, Puerto de la Cruz has seen its hotel occupancy fall from 76% in 2006 to 72% in 2007, 55% in 2008, and 53.63% in July 2009, with August 2009 not looking any better. Words like “nose dive” are openly being used, and in view of occupancy levels as high as 80% in south Tenerife, there is gloom about the possibility that it is the resort itself that has lost its former popularity.  La Opinion

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