Now Costas threatens Igueste de San Andrés

Even as the residents of Cho Vito are on hunger strike in a main plaza in Santa Cruz to save their homes, another Tenerife settlement is under threat. José Luis Langa, lawyer to the residents of Igueste de San Andrés, a very picturesque village just north of Santa Cruz, said today that if Costas has its way, half of the dwellings (22 houses and 98 fincas) there will disappear. Sr Langa said that the area was settled centuries ago by the Guanches, but now letters have been sent out to the owners affected, whose properties lie in a 5 kilometre stretch between the El Burro and Antequera beaches, to tell them that their properties are too close to the coast and in violation of the 100 metre rule.

The lawyer argued that the coastal law shouldn’t be applied to properties if they were shown to be in a “settlement”, which was clearly how Igueste de San Andrés should be categorized since it had schools, a church, a cemetary, and residents who had lived there for many years.

Sr Langa has appealed to the courts and asked Santa Cruz Ayuntamiento for all the necessary documentation to enable him to prove that Igueste de San Andrés has been a municipal district for years, with a mayor, and all the facilities necessary for it to be classified as an established urban area. There will inevitably be a slight delay since this request was met by the Ayuntamiento sending out the documentation for the wrong areas, those of Almáciga and Taganana. El Dia

Twenty houses are also to go in Puta del Viento, Las Galletas. They will be demolished over the next couple of weeks and replaced with a un paseo marítimo. The vast majority of owners have accepted, with just three still negotiating the expropriation with Costas. RTVC

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