Arona election campaign a tight race and socialist candidate Mena needs your vote

mena psoe campaign 2011

Update 28 April: There could be a real fight for power in Arona in the forthcoming elections. Currently nationalists Coalición Canaria (CC) have an absolute majority, but they are facing a stiff fight from socialist José Julián Mena of the PSOE. On The Tenerife Forum, José Julián said that the CC have been using Arona ratepayers’ money to pay for defence lawyers in the Caso Arona corruption cases, and that this is the first time they have had an absolute majority … and it really isn’t good”.  The socialists say that the most credible opposition is Mena the PSOE candidate, and I agree. If you have a vote, and want to see change in Arona, vote Mena on 22 May!

The PSOE campaign site is HERE, and it’s translated into English HERE. For those with Facebook accounts, click HERE, or you can follow José Julián on twitter HERE.

Original post 28 March: Canarian President Paulino Rivero has signed the formal announcement today for the local elections, for Ayuntamientos and Cabildos, to take place on May 22nd. The decree will appear tomorrow in the Boletín Oficial de Canarias and the Boletín Oficial del Estado.

The campaign will last a fortnight, and neither posters nor advertising is allowed until a fortnight before the election: any posters already put up, and there are plenty, must be removed until the official campaign starts. In addition, public authorities are banned from tomorrow from starting any new works or services, a long-standing custom to win votes.

Any European Union citizens who live in Spain can vote, and simply need to have registered at the Town Hall.  PV

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