Oh the irony …


Just three days ago, Arona released the above promotional video, joining the upmarket trend, but stressing the municipality’s award-winning “accessibility” for disabled visitors. Sadly, the video includes lifeguard services – and specifically disabled bathing services supplied by the lifeguards – which are no longer available. As is well known to everyone here, but unfortunately not the tourists the video aims to reach, the lifeguards are working to rule, and only on one of Arona’s beaches, Las Vistas, at that … and one thing that has been suspended is the disabled bathing service.

And of course, there are sunbeds on the beaches in the video …


  1. Author

    They’ve gone from Playa de los Cristianos, will probably shortly go from Las Vistas and Troya too. My own post on the subject yesterday, together with pic of denuded Los Cristianos beach, is HERE.

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