On top of a crime and we didn’t hear a thing!

There was great excitement in Vera de Erques yesterday morning when Guía de Isora Policía Local arrested a 36-year-old man identified as Pedro.A.M., who apparently has a police record as long as your arm, marching him off in handcuffs for stealing a car and driving it into a barranco on Monday evening.

The car, a Renault Clio, had been stolen from a workshop in Chio, and the thief headed for the little mountain village and for reasons that are still unclear, ended up in a small barranco just 100 metres from the main Barranco de Erques. It seems that the car came off worse, and our man was taken off to the Playa San Juan Guardia Civil for processing.

This isn’t something I’d normally think to report, but it happened outside our house, with the car being driven up our lane and ending up in the barranco at the bottom of our garden … and we heard nothing until our next door neighbour asked us this morning if we’d seen it all!

It’s in the papers now, anyway, for all to see! El Dia

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