One dead and four injured in buggy accident in Abama hotel

A man died and four others were injured when a golf buggy overturned in the Abama hotel around 4.30 this afternoon. The two most badly injured were a 14-year-old boy and a 47-year-old woman who both suffered severe head injuries in the accident: they were transferred to Hospiten Sur and HUC respectively where their condition is said to be serious. A 44-year-old man also suffered severe chest injuries, and a 44-year-old woman received a hip injury: they were taken to Hospiten Sur but are not said to be in a serious condition.


  1. Hello, we spent our holidays beginning december in the hotel Abama, we don’t understand how this accident was possible with two adults . We thought it was only children who were driving the buggy. Can you explain us how it was happening please ?
    Was it happening on the golf course ? or on the way to go to the cost or to the beach ???
    Thank you.
    Gisèle – Belgium

    1. Author

      It was in the hotel grounds, but beyond that, I have only the details that I posted above, and the details – which are correct – which have been added in the above comments, but which I have not added to the main post because the family apparently requested complete privacy.

  2. I know about this accident and the 58 year old who died was a famous photographer from his homeland. They had only just arrived on that day. A friend who lives here and knew the family is distraught with sadness. We need to make the most of every day. God bless the family

  3. Very sad. An english newspaper carrying the story now. The deceased was Marc Lagrange an internationally known Belgian photographer. He had only just arrived that day at the Abama.

  4. Author

    No, all that’s been released is that they were all guests at the Abama.

  5. Heartbreaking on Xmas day as well. Do we know what nationality they are? Rip

  6. Terrible Ness indeed. It happend at Abama.

  7. Terrible news Janet. Which hotel was this at?

    1. Author

      That hasn’t been released, but it will almost certainly be Abama or the Melía.

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