British couple in fatal Fonsalía spur road crash confirmed as Pam and Paul Millward from Somerset

Photo: 112 Canarias.

Updated 20 February: The victim of the fatal crash on the Fonsalía spur road has been confirmed as Pam Millward (77) from north Somerset. She was on holiday and in a hire car with her husband Paul Millward (also 77), who is making steady progress but is still in intensive care with serious hip, leg and chest injuries. Their son says that the couple was on holiday for Paul’s birthday, and both were very fit and active. Anyone who has information that has not been given to investigators should contact their sons, James and Richard (I can forward anything on if it is sent to me).

Original post 18 February: A 77-year-old British woman died and her husband was badly injured this morning in an accident near Piedra Hincada on the TF46, the new Fonsalía spur road linking the TF1 and the forthcoming floating harbour. Emergency services say that they were called out around 11am with reports of a collision involving three vehicles, one of which had caught fire following the impact. After ensuring the fire was extinguished, bomberos had to cut some of the injured out of their vehicles, but the woman who died was found in cardiac arrest and sadly could not be resuscitated despite efforts of ambulance crew. She was declared dead at the scene and her husband was transferred to Hospital Costa Adeje. Two other people were injured in the tragic accident: a woman was airlifted by helicopter to Candelaria Hospital with serious head and neck injuries, and a 55-year-old man was taken to Hospiten Sur with head injuries.




  1. Another serious accident today resulting in a vehicle ending up straddling the concrete wall at the side of the down lane. I suspect the cause was the same as the previous accident, i.e. someone overtaking coming down hill

  2. I know this family through my parents as I grew up in the same village. They are the kindest people who do an awful lot for their local community and the local church, and are very well regarded. It’s such a tragedy and my heart goes out to their sons and family. Pam will be very much missed. I wish Paul a good recovery from his injuries.

  3. Pam and Paul Milward were the heart and soul of our village in Somerset. They gave of themselves 100% to their community and church and Pam will be sorely missed. If anyone has any information that could help elucidate what happened, please, PLEASE do pass it on to the relevant people.

  4. Author

    Emergency services have recorded only the three injured adults and the one fatality.

  5. A Canarian friend,here in Piedra Hincada,has told me that some children were injured is this correct?

  6. I suspect this terrible accident may have been caused by someone overtaking on the downward route. I have twice had this happen to me. Impatient drivers descending the hill don’t want to stick to the 80kph limit and use the outer upward lane to overtake several cars at once.

  7. Very sad and my heart goes out to those affected. I don’t think it will be the last crash we see on that road. Can’t fathom why there is no central barrier.

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