One dead, two seriously injured, in head-on collision on TF1

A woman died, and two others were seriously injured, in a head-on car crash last night on the south-bound TF1 near Los Cristianos. The dead woman, said to be around 40 years of age, was in a car travelling in the wrong direction and the man with her, of around the same age, had to be cut out of the vehicle. He was then transferred with multiple injuries to Candelaria, where his condition is said to be serious. A second woman, slightly younger, in the other car involved in the crash also needed to be cut out of her vehicle. She was transferred to HUC, where her condition also is said to be serious. The couple in the car travelling in the wrong direction has not yet been identified.



  1. Author

    I personally have sometimes found contraflows here difficult to work out. The signs are frequently unclear, it seems to me, and cones do not always seem to be directing traffic obviously and correctly. In the night, too, I can see how confusion would be anything but difficult.

  2. What hasn’t been reported was that there was roadworks on the road that night, there was a contra flow in place which meant there was 2 way traffic on a section of motorway which would usually obviously be 2 lanes of one way traffic. This explains why they were “on the wrong side if the motorway” she lived and had been driving here for years so was experienced. Please don’t jump to conclusions until you know all the facts. Don’t believe everything you read in the media as I have yet to see one article in a paper or online which has all the correct facts on this.

  3. I hate to think it, but presumably the guilty party were Brits….I remember last year when we were over, going round the San Andres roundabout and meeting an elderly couple going round the wrong way……frightening!

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