One front of La Palma fire under control as the other breaks containment

The western front of the La Palma fire is under control and stable, and work continues now to begin to extinguish it, but firefighters have been unable to stop the advance of the flames in the high area of Mazo. During the night, the La Palma Cabildo announced sadly that it had not been possible to prevent the fire rising from the Tigalate area towards Tiguerorte, where firefighting efforts are now being concentrated. The Cabildo said, however, that temperatures in La Palma were considerably reduced and more importantly that clouds and rain were beginning to assist efforts to control and extinguish the blaze.

Above is a satellite picture showing the thick plume of smoke from the fire reaching La Gomera, and the welcome arrival of a northerly cloud system.  Canarias24Horas

UPDATE 10.30pm 3 August: The Canarian Government has said that it is possible that it will be able to declare the fire “under control” within the next few hours since the situation is evolving favourably after an “intense” afternoon and evening fighting the blaze, particularly in the La Horqueta area. Once the fire is declared under control, jurisdiction for firefighting efforts will return from regional to local level, and co-ordination will again come under the direction of the La Palma Cabildo. This is not a declaration, therefore, that will be made without certainty that extra-regional assistance is no longer required. Canarias24Horas

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