One happy story of a crimewave successfully resolved by a community doing the right thing in the right way

I’ve heard the claims and arguments more times than I can count so this is neither an invitation nor an incitement for yet more “the police don’t care”, or “it doesn’t matter what you do they won’t do anything” arguments (in fact I make a direct request for those comments not to be made) … but one community in Tenerife has found that approaching things the right way actually works.

I’m not going to name the community nor its type (because it is not relevant), nor the specific area other than to say it’s a complex in the Costa Adeje, and it had an inordinate problem with break-ins. These were to such an extent that the president called it an “ongoing crimewave”. Further details included the fact that it was “obvious that these owners have been watched and targeted. Door locks broken and forced entry, safes removed all valuables, cards passports electronic equipment, jewellery etc. These apartments doors are on the main road side and in full view of the street.”

After contacting me, and then our involving Adeje Ayuntamiento, appointments were set up with both the council’s Security Department and the National and Local police forces. Within one month, the president of the community was telling me that in direct response, the Policia Nacional had a  noticeably increased presence, including outside CC San Eugenio, and patrol cars have been more visible too. Moreover, two plain clothes officers, one male and a female, so looking like a couple, were working the area. 

The above has taken place over January and February, and today the president of the community tells me that “as of today we have had no new activity in or around [the community] in the last month”. Apart from increased police cover, the council has organized visits by the councillor for roads and pavements and municipal engineer, and moreover has confirmed that the whole general Puerto Colon area and wider afield are subject to a large project in conjunction with the Cabildo which is in the early stages of funding: as such it’s impossible to be clear about what is going to happen but for the moment we have one very pleased community president.     
The police have long pleaded with the public to denounce crimes to them rather than Facebook. I have posted such pleas many a time. The systems here work, if only they are used correctly. Please don’t feel that there are no options when it is just a matter actually of finding the appropriate route maps for dealing with issues … i.e. the police not Facebook, the council not local social groups. I hope this post helps to reassure those who are concerned about problems that things can happen when we do things the right way: not everything will have a solution, of course, but we can do our bit to make sure that those things that do, are resolved.


  1. Couldn’t agree more, Janet. Don’t moan amongst yourselves – approach the people and organisations that can actually do somerhing to solve the problem.

    1. Author

      Thank you Clio, and can I just acknowledge here the efforts you made in resolving the situation above!

  2. In the San Francisco area we have regular visits ,mobile, from Policia Local and Guardia Civil. This we appreciate.

  3. Thank you Janet. Very positive process if directed the right way.

  4. Janet a very positive read and I have to agree that if we follow the correct guidelines when dealing with break-ins etc then perhaps we can all feel safer and happier in our homes.

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