Open-air double-decker buses to tour Santa Cruz from tomorrow 23 March with 2 free days

santa cruz tourist bus stops

Update 22 March: The Buses will start to run tomorrow, Wednesday, and travel for the first two days will be free. Bus stop signs have been in place since Sunday, and the stops are Plaza de España, Mercado de Nuestra Señora de Africa, the cruise port (essential for cruise tourists), Cuartel de Almeida (with the Tiger cannon which took off Nelson’s arm), Ayuntamiento, Parque García Sanabria, Las Ramblas, Plaza Pedro Shwartz (better known as Plaza Militar), Auditorio Adán Martín, Corte Inglés, and finally the Intercambiador (for bus and tram connections).

The whole round trip will take 45 minutes, but as previously stated, travellers can get on and off at will for the price of a single ticket. The bus will run every day of the year between 10am and 6pm. Prices will be €6 for residents and children, €10 for non-resident adults. SocDes

santa cruz tourist bus

Update 1 March: Santa Cruz Ayuntamiento unveiled its first Bus Turístico earlier today. Present at the ceremony were the city’s mayor, Miguel Zerolo; Ángel Isidro Guimerá of the Sociedad de Desarrollo de Santa Cruz; head of Titsa, Juan Carlos Pérez Frías; and the President of City Sightseeing, Enrique Ybarra Valdenebro.

The 5-bus disabled-friendly service will start to tour the city on the 20th of this month, running between 10am and 6pm every day of the year. Mayor Zerolo said that when the buses start to operate, there will be two “open door” days in which the service will be free to all users.

There will be 14 bus stops throughout the city, still to be finally announced but now firmly including the Ayuntamiento, Plaza de España, Mercado Nuestra Señora de África and las Ramblas. The price for a day’s sightseeing, including the ability to get on and off the buses, will be €6 for children and residents, and €9.99 for non-resident adults. Tickets will be available from tourist information points in Santa Cruz, from the Sociedad de Desarrollo, from hotels in the municipality, and from various other points still to be confirmed. TinerGuía

Original post 20 February: In March, once Carnaval is over, a new tourist bus service will start offering the chance to get to know Santa Cruz in 45 minutes. The price will be less than €10. The tour will visit all the most noteworthy landmarks and areas in the city, and it is hoped it will be an offering that interests visitors and holidaymakers, or those stopping off from a cruise docked for a few hours in Santa Cruz.

Tourist buses are familiar sights in other Spanish cities, whether Madrid, Seville, or Barcelona, and there is already one operating in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Now it’s Santa Cruz’ turn, and the councillor for Sociedad de Desarrollo del Ayuntamiento de Santa Cruz, Ángel Isidro Guimerá, said that the buses, which will run every 20 minutes throughout the day, can be used as many times in a day as visitors like, and that it will be possible to enjoy part of a journey, get off to do some shopping, and then get on a later bus, all on the same ticket and for the same price of under €10.

The buses, five in total, will be run by a conglomerate of Titsa, City Sightseeing España SL. and CÍA Hispalense de Tranvías SL. They will be the latest style open-air double-deckers, environmentally friendly, and equipped with headphones for users to listen to the descriptions in their own languages. The first ones are due to arrive in Santa Cruz any day now.

The stops for the buses are still to be finalized, but it is expected that there will be one at la plaza de Los Patos, plaza de Toros, el Ayuntamiento, el TEA, el mercado Nuestra Señora de África, las Ramblas, el Palacio de Exposiciones or el parque García Sanabria, among others. (See too TinerGuía)

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